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stinging bump on inner labia

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  • stinging bump on inner labia

    Hi there! Sorry if this is really really long.

    Every time I have exams, without fail, I get some kind of physical reaction e.g. it is the only time I ever get my period (I have the contraceptive implant), the past three times I've had BV, and my wisdom tooth has decided to flare up as of two days ago. When it is not exam time, I never have any problems.

    So I just had my first period in months and it lasted for a week. I noticed when putting in / taking out my tampons that it felt a little painful, and gradually everything started to get itchy. So I stopped having my boyfriend over and hoped everything would go away. I couldn't help but scratch down there a bit, and I noticed a couple of rough patches / clusters of tiny, tiny bumps.

    They, and the itching (thank god) have now gone. But now I have two more things to worry about. Firstly, discharge that is somewhat clumpy and I assume is due to a yeast infection of some kind? I've never had one before so I'm not totally sure. Secondly, a small-ish bump (it almost looks like a skin tag) on my inner labia that stings. I have to try to avoid it when using toilet paper because it really does hurt. It's not a persistent sting, but only when it is touched / moved. What on earth could this be?

    I can't go to the doctor until after my exams - this is my 15 minute break - as I simply do not have the time. I would have had the time last week, but that was when it was merely itching and I foolishly thought it would sort itself out. If anyone has ever had this stinging bump type thing before and can reassure me that I don't have something horrific, that would be very much appreciated.

    I'm assuming that it is part of the yeast infection (if that is what I have) or potentially a result of my scratching too hard without noticing, but I can't really find anything online that doesn't indicate herpes. That would not be ideal haha.
    Last edited by kate_; 05-07-2012, 09:00 AM.

  • nevermind! i woke up this morning and there was literally nothing there. i suspect it may have fallen off. thank goodness haha


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