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Aftermath of bad sex or something worse?

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  • Aftermath of bad sex or something worse?

    Hi everyone!

    I'm having a little problem and I was wondering if I could get some advice,

    I'm 20 years old and the other night I had a drunken hook up. (Not my finest hour) We used protection, but the problem really began when he went down on me.
    I NEVER receive oral sex because for some reason I have this aversion to it, but that night I let it happen because I just didn't care. Anyway, the guy.....wasn't great at it. In fact most of the time it was downright painful.
    So I've been very sore since then and today I noticed that I had some pretty bad folliculitis on my vagina, and not only that but I've got some white discharge.

    I know that folliculitis occurs when there's trauma or friction around the area, and I read that yeast infections can be common after oral. I'm not super worried about it because I'm sure this is just the result of really bad oral sex, but you just never know, you know? I'm hoping it's not something worse like an STD.

    So my question is, has this happened to anyone else? Will it go away after a week or so?

    Thank you!

  • Regardless of what kind of infection it is, it will still need to be treated by a professional... Even if it's something as minor as a yeast infection, it will not go away on it's own & it is suggested you be diagnosed before trying to self-medicate because if it isn't candidia, you can make your symptoms worsen. I know it's scary, but you really need to see a doctor. It's better to know and get treated than it is to wonder & possibly put yourself or a future partner at risk for something more serious. Hope that's helpful.

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    • Yowza. Well, I hope this doesn't give you even more of an adversion to it. Oral should NOT be painful in any way whatsoever. He was DEFINITELY not doing it right.

      The discharge could be normal, depending on the time of month it is, especially if you're not on the pill. Is there a foul odor or burning associated with it?

      So really, this could be an infection...but it could also be strictly irritation resulting from the encounter. Give it a couple days, wear comfy breathable undies, powder, keep the area clean and dry and see what happens. If it doesn't improve or gets worse in a couple days, see a doc.
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