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had pap smear and still bleeding...have to wait the whooooole weekend for results.

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  • had pap smear and still bleeding...have to wait the whooooole weekend for results.

    Let me start off by saying this is my first post, and I want to thank anyone who read this and tries to help me. Thank you already!

    At the end of last year (2011) my pap smear came back irregular and long story short, I ended up have to get a LEEP done. Well, on Thursday (May 31st) I went back for a 6 month check up pap to make sure that everything would come back normal again. Well my doctor said that my cervix looked red and irritated and when she did the scraping for the pap, I started bleeding. She said it was odd but not too uncommon, so I wasn't too worried about it until now. I refrained from my normal exercise to let my cervix heal, and the bleeding had almost subsided until last night. When I woke up this morning, from the look of my pad it seems to be worse than when I left her office on Thursday. I'm going to skip my exercise until all the bleeding has completely stopped to give my cervix time to heal, but now I'm worried. Has anyone else experienced this, or anything similar?

    I am 25 years old and my husband and I have no kids yet and I have not had any discomfort or irregular bleeding until I went on Thursday for the pap smear.

    My doctor said she would call me with the result, good or bad this time. Usually if they come back normal, they will just mail a postcard. It usually takes about 3-4 business days to get the results, but of course I am left to worry the entire weekend now!!

  • Best to just wait for results.Stressing about it will not do any good. Your Dr. already said your cervix was red and irritated, so the pap may have irritated it more .Also you may be a " Slow Healer ".

    Avoid Aspirin, as it can thin blood and not allow it to coagulate as fast, of course refrain from sex until you heal .

    Good Luck. and Welcome to WH


    • Take BG's advice. In addition, if you start experiencing heavy blood loss get yourself back to the doctor or an ER. But it does sound like you just need some time to heal. If you are a slow healer, consider adding chlorophyl into your daily diet regimen. I understand your worry. I had a pap come back abnormal once and it worried me to death. The doctor didn't seem overly concerned (because it really wasn't a big deal) and I was feeling like my life was ending. Hang in there...you'll get your results soon. Take it easy for a few days.
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