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Chronic Bacterial Vaginosis--WILL IT EVER GO AWAY??!!

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  • Chronic Bacterial Vaginosis--WILL IT EVER GO AWAY??!!

    Hello there,
    I know there are other threads about this but I wanted to start my own, as we are all different in our ailments. However, I came to this forum for comradery and support. I want to track my progress or in this case, lack of progress in my fight against chronic BV. I'm doing this for myself as well as others to educate and inform. This infection is REAL and the worst nuisance I have ever encountered. So heres my story:

    I have been struggling with BV for a few years now, but have had CHRONIC BV for the past year and a half or so. It's gotten much worse (more frequent, like it never fully goes away) for the past 6 months. I attribute part of this to the fact that I started having unprotected intercourse with my boyfriend because I got on birth control pills (Ortho-cept). I was with someone else for two years prior to my current relationship but because I wasn't on BC, he rarely ejaculated in me. (Semen upsets the natural balance/pH in the vagina.) However, for the millionith time I went in to planned parenthood to get treated for....3 DIFFERENT INFECTIONS: BV, Yeast (caused by BV antibiotics and me forgetting to take probiotics in conjunction, and the "unknown" high white blood cell infection.) This has happened once before but I was still shocked that this has happened again. My gyno gave me the same run down I've heard thousands of times before: don't wear tight clothing, wear 100% cotton underwear, eat a balanced diet, cut back on sugar, stress less, etc. This time she also, along with 3 antibiotics, told me no sex for a month. Now, I live with my very sexual boyfriend and I knew this would be hard. But we waited at least 3 weeks. Now I've been done with the Flagyl pills for at least a week and here's where I'm at:
    I don't think I'm cured, still having discharge and feel not 100% down there. I never really have odor, my only symptoms are the heavy discharge, minor cuts on inner vulva creases, and sometimes cramping. Just an FYI, my partner and I are both very hygenic, we even brush our teeth and wash our hands and parts BEFORE intercourse as a BV preventitive.

    What I've learned so far is that GETTING RID OF CHRONIC BV REQUIRES A LIFE CHANGE!

    Everyone has a different opinion about how to cure chronic BV, here is every treatment I have read/researched of so far:
    Take antibiotics (about 80% of women have a reoccurance the month following the antibiotic treatment,) Injest probiotics, vaginally insert plain/no sugar yogurt, vaginally insert garlic, cut back on processed foods, drink alkaline water, use RePhresh (probiotic specific for vaginal bacteria), folic acid, vitamin D, apple cider vinegar. There are more, but those are the main ones I read about.

    What I've changed so far:
    I stopped having sex, cut back on sugars, started wearing only 100% cotton non-thong underwear, started taking RePhresh daily (taken it everyday for 3 weeks), started taking a daily folic acid supplement, started taking Acidopholus capsules daily, increased exercise, avoiding tight clothes as much as possible (can't get around wearing tight slacks at work).

    What has worked for you? How do I get rid of this horrible infection that is ruining my life and relationship?? Any and all advice is welcome. Thank You!!!

  • My chronic bv got a ****lot**** easier to manage after my boyfriend and I were both treated with antibiotics, we both took a big course of amoxicilan. this was about a year ago and I still get occasional flare-ups (have one now :/ ) around my period mostly. but some rephresh or probiotic therapy usually helps a lot and it goes away after a few days. anyway I know they say that it isnt an STD but who knows! it worked for me, havent needed anitbiotics, or a pantyliner in a while I remember what it's like to have bv symptoms EVERY DAY for what feels like a year.. good luck I feel for you!


    • anyone still posting on BV?


      • For the last 3 years I have struggled with chronic bacterial vaginosis (BV) and yeast infections.

        I have one or both of these infections most months, except for the week I have my period. Some days it's mild, some days its severe. But it's ALWAYS THERE.

        I have seen numerous doctors and OB-GYNs but since I don't have health insurance right now, the visits have become more sporadic.
        I'm not currently on birth control right now and my husband and I are trying to get pregnant, but I can barely have sex more than once or twice a month when my BV miraculously clears up enough to do it.

        Things I've tried so far:
        -all over the counter yeast infection treatments (like Monistat)
        -been on several courses of diflucan with moderate results
        -been on Flagyl (the antibiotic that they treat for BV), it cleared up for a week and then was back again, as well as a yeast infection
        -boric acid suppositories
        -every kind of pro-biotic you can imagine, the only kind that showed any result was a combination of l. reuteri and l. rhamnosus, but it doesn't clear it up completely
        -garlic clove and garlic supplements in the vagina
        -hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and tea tree oil douches and soaked tampons
        -for supplements I take: a multivitamin, folic acid, garlic, cranberry with vitamin c, vitamin d, biotin, a thyroid complex (l-tyrosine, iodine, magnesium, zinc, copper, maganese, molybdenum), l-glutamine, green tea, flaxseed, and b12
        I also use pH balanced soap, wear loose fitting clothing most of the time, and do the laundry with unscented natural detergent.


        I don't know what's causing my BV to persist but I feel like I've tried everything possible and nothing is helping me. I don't remember what it feels like to feel normal anymore. I'm desperate to be healthy and normal again, especially so I can have a normal sex life with my husband and improve our chances of conceiving a baby.

        I feel so alone here and so desperate for help, I don't know what to do anymore.


        • This is my first time posting. I have been dealing with bv for YEARS and it has really taken a toll on my life. I am so self conscious about l the smell that I have pulled away from friends and even my sister and my mom. I feel so disgusting. I have tried the prescriptions, probiotics, folic acid, vitamin d, vh essentials, and nothing works. At this point it is hindering me from pursuing a new job because i am worried i will smell. Any help on getting rid of the smell or coverig it up would be great! For a long time i thought it was only me dealing with this.


          • Hi I was reading your post and I am in the same boat. This has ruined my life as far as school, dating, working, and friends. My family knows I have this problem but they never come out and say you smell they just simply think I am a smelly person who don't take baths but if they only knew. I take baths all the time I am in my early 30's and had sex only twice in my entire life with the same guy. I go to the doctor but the antibiotics NEVER work the smell is there all the time. I hate myself for smelling this way. Now I am on Flagyl again for ten days, three times a day and I am on day four and I am still smelly though the discharge isn't as bad. But I would rather have discharge or itchy symptoms any day over this terrible embarrassing smell but I guess I wasn't that lucky. I cry over this and pray I hope this time this crap goes away. I never been on antibiotics for ten days so maybe the extra days will make a difference I also have been taking vitamin c, iron pills, and folic acid. I hope I am not over doing it. God bless everyone with this problem and please pray for me.


            • I have just begun another flareup of BV. I call it a flare up because I am really thinking once we have this problem, it will always be there. I have changed my diet, clothes I wear, bedroom habits, tried every doctor prescribed antibiotic and every home remedy you can find. I am lucky, I guess, because my symptoms always clear up but it always comes back. Sometimes weeks later, sometimes months later, but always returns. I have no specific triggers, it seems to be completely random. I have been with the same man for 10 years, we are in a very committed relationship, I can say confidently that neither of us have had other sex partners in a decade. Through my search for a new cure this time around I have come across V. H. Essentials. It has a lot of mixed reviews. Women either swear by it or curse it. I picked up the box of 6 suppositories this morning at Walmart for about $22. I also got the daily pills made by the same people (about $7 for 2 month supply). I took one pill already this morning. The suppositories should be done at night, apparently there is a lot of discharge. I am excited to try this homeopathic remedy and I will post again to let you all know my results. I don't know if I am just happy to try something new, but it almost seems like the pill I took this morning has made the smell a lot less worse.
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              • does anyone else use liners to cover up smell/discharge from BV? I've been doing this for quite a while and my doctor has told me to try and stop because it can start a vicious cycle where the liners trap the discharge and bacteria which makes the infection even worse.

                Has anyone else experienced this or know a good alternative to keep clean down there?


                • Hello Ladies,
                  I want to start out by telling my story. In February 2010, 3 months after my son was born I decided to get on birth control & I picked the IUD Mirena. NEVER once did I have a problem. My periods stopped ( I was ecstatic about). Recently The beginning of November(2013, of course) I was noticing a VERY FUNKY, fishy like smell. Mind you, I have never had any kind of infection. The MOST I have EVER had was the common UTI's. But since I have had my son I haven't gotten them. Anyway, The beginning of November I noticed the smell, and I felt like a "tampon" was falling out. I am sure you ladies know what I am talking about, & I know this post may be TMI, but hey Im not shy. Well I called my doctor to have the "MIRENA" taken out because it felt like it was falling out, & I was feeling uncomfortable down there. My doctor took out the Mirena, she also asked me why & I told her. I wanted her to do an evaluation and some kind of swab to see why I was smelling like I was. She took the mirena out and did NOT evaluate me whatsoever. I told her about the smell and she acted like she didn't care!!! I took it upon myself to figure out what was wrong with me. After I got the Mirena taken out I waited a day or two to see if the Mirena is what was the cause of the smell. It didn't go away, I went to CVS and got Monistat 1 the night one. Waited a couple days and the fish smell went away, but I still had a really funky smell. I am in school studying healthcare, and it dawned on me. I either have a BAD case of yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. I have never had an infection so I didn't know for sure. I was itching down there but it smelled funky!!

                  I googled and read about what everyone else was going through. It is true when they tell you not to douche with summers eve because it just takes away the good bacteria that lives in your vagina.The past week I have used Hydrogen peroxide. I do not have the funky smell any more, and I honestly feel like my body is back to normal. I haven't been dealing with the smell as long as most of the ladies in here, I have only been dealing with it since the beginning of November, and I have gotten under control. At least I hope so. I used the peroxide as a douche, I also put it on a tampon soaked it and inserted


                  • I had BV for about 3 months. There were times when I cried from how itchy it was. It also REALLY stunk. It smelt like fish, onions, dog food, corned beef, chicken, the food I ate the night before... all sorts. It was HORRID and embarrassing.

                    At first I thought it was thrush so I tried yoghurt and garlic up my vagina. That did not work very well (but it was soothing). After suffering for a bit and rubbing my clitoris RAW I went to the doctor who told me I had BV and thrush. He gave me antibiotics and a pessary, I was ok for two days... then it all came back; the itch, the stink, the confusing symptoms (was it thrush, was it BV).
                    After 3 months 4 pessaries 3 doctors, Balance Activ, more yoghurt and some other vaginal bv gel, it was not getting any better.

                    So I decided that I was just going to learn to live with it. I started drinking more water as an attempt to dilute the concentration of whatever was causing the BV in my system (I realise that's probably not how BV works but thought might as well see if it makes my stinky discharge less concentrated.)

                    I drank lots of water, maybe 3 litres a day, I wasn't measuring, just drinking as much as I could (it was definitely more than 2 litres). After one or two days I smelled and itched less. and as the days went on my symptoms cleared a bit more. I also noticed every time I woke up (not having drunk water for 8+ hours) I itched more and after drinking a large glass or two and using the toilet it stopped itching. In fact anytime during the day when I felt the itch getting itchier I would drink a large glass of water and the next time I peed the itch would stop. When my symptoms were nearly cleared I used a BV gel to fully clear it and guess what... my BV returned!! So I went back to drinking the water and again the symptoms cleared up.
                    I also reduced my sugar and carb intake by a bit (I just stopped eating chocolate everyday lol), wore big massive granny knickers, and didn't wear any knickers at night. I never douched because I've always been told vaginas are self cleansing, I've never used soap to wash my bits and before the BV incident it never stunk (apart from if I was really dirty lol and even then it wasn't horrific).

                    I think putting all this stuff up my vagina just upset my natural pH and my body is a lot stronger than I give it credit.

                    I definitely say try water. Even if it doesn't help you're not losing any money by drinking it. Hope your symptoms clear up.

                    P.S. Balance Activ was the best treatment I used. I definitely recommend it.
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                    • Hi ladies,
                      I suffered from recurrent bouts of BV for about a year and a half (approximately August 2011 to March 2013). It was a total nightmare and it took a huge toll on my emotional well-being, not to mention my sex life. I have been free from BV for almost a year and in remembering when I used to scour the internet for a solution, I wanted to reach out to you all and share what I learned and what worked for me.
                      A few months before the BV FINALLY cleared up, I was so fed up that I went to an OB-GYN who told me, contrary to most recommendations, that I should consider using vinegar & water douches to "wash out" the overabundance of this nasty bacteria. So, I began douching with "Summer's Eve Douche, Extra Cleansing Vinegar & Water" (remember it is important that you ONLY use vinegar & water douches). You can also purchase the cheaper store brand, such as the CVS vinegar & water douche. I started douching once every two to three days for a couple weeks, then tapered down to once or twice a week for a few more weeks. Now, I douche once a month or so if I notice myself not being as fresh as I'd like to be. In addition, sometimes after using the vinegar & water solution, I unscrewed the top of the douche and filled it up with filtered water from a 1 gallon filtered water jug that I bought at the grocery store. Then I would douche one or two more times with the filtered water. The best way to douche, in my experience, is to stand over the toilet and bend forward so that your back and legs form an L shape (or 90 degree angle). This allows you to insert the tip all the way and fill up your entire vaginal tract with the solution. Then, remove the douche and sit down on the toilet and the solution will expel quickly from your vagina.
                      At the same time that I stated douching, I abstained from all sexual activity except for clitoral masturbation (no vaginal penetration of any kind) for about 1.5 months. I am convinced that the vinegar & water douches cured my BV.
                      Before resorting to douching, I had taken many rounds of Flagyl (both oral and vaginal) medication. The vaginal medication seemed to work better than the oral but after a few days the BV ALWAYS came back. I used to feel so uncomfortable and was always worried that other people could smell it, as I would get whiffs of it all the time. It was a very difficult time in my life and I hope this information will be helpful to those of you who haven't tried vinegar & water douching.
                      Other things to consider: make sure you and your partner(s) wash your hands before engaging in sexual activity. Also, if you use pads or panty liners during your BV infections make sure you use unscented ones and change them every couple hours. And finally, although there isn't a lot of medical literature about women being "allergic" to their partners, I do think I may have been particularly sensitive to my boyfriend at the time. Although the BV didn't clear up immediately after we broke up (we broke up three months before the BV cleared up), I do think my bacteria for some reason didn't mix well with his.
                      Best of luck to all of you!


                      • I was convinced for over a year I had BV they tested me for Ureaplasma and now I have no bv symptoms. It was never BV. A year of harsh antibiotics and home remedies (some brutal too) please talk to you doctor about Ureaplasma!


                        • Hi ladies! I have the same problem. I have tried everything (I spent a lot of money). Then I realized, BV must cure by itself. BUT! My conclusion: lack of estrogen. I think we need to make hormone tests first. look here I found this article about vaginal ph and relation between estrogen and lower ph. Hope this help to all. Good luck!


                          • I can say that i am def sick and tired of this mess.. Every doctor says oh its just something women get and ready to give you those disgusting flagyl pills.. I want answers!! Stop giving me antibiotics!! Why is there no awareness about this..i mean i know it may not be as important as cancer but i feel that the problem is too common..and for a long time i thought i suffered this alone .. I do feel better knowing that i dont but its very very depressing to deal with this..and my boyfriend bless his wonderful heart is dealing with this as well..i cant please him all the time bc i may be having a bv moment.. He doesnt complain or say much bc he knows about it now but i feel very insecure and embarrassed still..im upset but im mostly sad ..im glad to have this forum and somebody to vent to bc my friends act like they dont have coochie problems so i dont feel comfortable talking to them..either they really dont have problems or they are ashamed about it idk but any tips or things you all have tried and WORKS!! Plz i would greatly appreciate it


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