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Advice! Recurring UTI ??

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  • Advice! Recurring UTI ??

    I'm an 18 year old girl and for over 4 years I have gotten pain after urinating which can last for hours. I have been treated for thrush, cystitis, have taken several pills and creams none of which have helped at all. I got an ultrasound And all clear, all urine samples and smears come back fine. I was given urethra dilation in march for 'recurring UTI' not sure if this is the case as I get this pain every day without fail whether it is really bad or quite minor pain. So the surgery didn't help at all - at the moment I deal with the pain by painkillers, lots of water and hot baths but it's not really very practical. my questions are basically..
    1) is this a recurring UtI if I always have it - it doesn't come and go.
    2) what is the next stage from urethra dilation & cystoscopy
    3) what can you recommend to help prevent this pain

    I don't drink fizzy drinks or anything that could cause pain, just lots of water / very weak diluted juice. I avoid sex and sexual contact as much as i can bear! no scented soaps, bubble baths, fancy undies! nothing, I'm so frustrated I don't know what I do to get this!

    Sorry for the long ramble, have been awake for hours because of this & all i want to do is sleep Thanks for reading!

  • I'm not sure what it can be, but you should be able to talk to your doctor about what's going on. Perhaps you should consider getting a pap smear, because it can sometimes be confusing where exactly the pain is coming from. Maybe you have an infection in an area that you aren't seeking help for. AntiB's do different jobs! My advice would be to go see a gyno. Goodluck!


    • Did your doctor say you had chronic cystitis? It can be hard or sometimes almost impossible to cure. Long treatment with antibiotics, as long as 2 years, may be necessary.

      Google "chronic cystitis" and you will find a lot of information.
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      • I can't say whether you have a chronic UTI, but I agree w/ the poster who recommended getting a pap to rule out a gynocological issue. Also, have you ever heard of the supplement called DMannose? it is a simple sugar, comes in powder or capsules. It helps prevent UTIs by flushing the bladder (the bacteria become attached to the DMannose and get flushed out). I had an issue with re-occurring UTIs and I started trying this and it really works! You can get it at most health food stores. In any case, get checked out by the doc but consider trying it out. Good luck.


        • 1st of its kind, virtual clinic enables you to have ONLINE HOUSECALLS! They are a great alternative to wasting time and money on office visits for uncomplicated bladder (uninary tract) infections (UTIs)! Ck this out! A Message From the Staff of TreatMyUTI.com - Treat My UTI


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