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Could it be a cyst?

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  • Could it be a cyst?

    For about 3 weeks now I've had a range of symptoms that cannot be explained and doctors have not been able to help me. I started out having some pelvic pain, then began noticing a strange odor when I urinated and it was a darker color. I assumed it was an infection, so I went to the doctor, and they tested for everything; bladder, UTI, yeast, vaginosis, STDs. Everything came back negative. Just to be sure, they gave me a huge dose of antibiotics. Within a few days I was feeling better. Then about a week later I started feeling bad again. This time it was pain in my back on the left side, and it wrapped around through my buttocks, pelvis and into my groin (all on the left). The pain was getting worse, so I went to the ER. They thought it was my kidney, so they gave me fluids, did a urine and blood test, and a CT scan to check for kidney stones. All came back negative again. They said that I probably was overworking my kidneys from drinking too much caffeine and not enough water. So I cut out all coffee, alcohol, and tea, and they gave me two weeks worth of antibiotics just to be on the safe side again. I've been drinking a lot more water, taking my medicine exactly how they prescribed, and I'm still not better. The strange thing is that the pain is not constant, it comes and goes. I'll be ok for a couple of days, and then one day I'll feel terrible. I've tried to self-diagnose and figure it out but nothing seems to quite fit. I'm beginning to wonder if maybe it is an ovarian cyst? The pain I'm having would definitely fit, the only thing throwing me off was the strange urine I had the initial week. But now I'm wondering if maybe that was a result of too much caffeine rather than an infection, and I've also been reading that apparently caffeine can cause cysts to swell. For the past month with school I really have been overdoing the caffeine (coffee), so is it possible that it is a cyst and not my kidney/infection of some sort, and the CT scan missed it?

  • On ultrasound ovarian cysts are usually visible. You might try to go to a gynecologist and they can do an exam on your reproductive organs. Once I was also having severe abdominal pain, I went to ER , with no result. Then it happened again and I went to another hospital and they found that I had cysts. Everything went away on its own. Try to change your diet, eat healthier , try to cleanse your body, drink clean water etc. maybe its gonna help? Feel better!


    • I was having pain similar to what you described... with majority of it in my lower back and extending down my legs. I went in and had a pap done and everything looked fine. The doctor ended up scheduling me for an ultra sound for the following week. Upon trying to do the ultrasound and not really getting a clear enough image the x ray tech decided to use the internal ultrasound. It turned out I had fibroid tumors (it sounds a lot worse than what it is... I hear the word tumor and I automatically think cancer). According to the measurements they were really large in size (there were 5 of them). Normally with fibroid tumors they let them just resolve themselves and usually that works well.... but in my case due to the size and that there were 5 of them they ended up doing surgery to remove them. The surgery was no big deal and a few hours later I had resumed all my normal activities with out any pain or problems. Ask your doctor if they can do an ultrasound to see what's going on and causing you some of your pain. Let me know what happens.... and good luck


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