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First Time - What Do I Do?

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  • First Time - What Do I Do?

    Hi there,
    This is kind of embarrassing but here goes. I'm nearly 24 years old and I have never been to a gynecologist (is that normal?)
    I was raised in a home with brothers, didn't have many female mentors (certainly none I felt close enough with to discuss this) and this wasn't a topic my dad and I ever discussed so everything I know about feminine health, I've learned from reading books or the internet. I've read you're supposed to go once a year and I assume that starts at like 16 or 18, right?
    Anyway, I am finally getting some health insurance and will be able to go. I'm just really embarrassed about going for the first time so late. What should I do to prepare? How do I find a good doctor? Do you ladies still get nervous about it or is it just a regular thing to do now? Should I talk to my doctor or just keep it all about business? Is it better to go to a man or a woman? Should I just be scheduling a check up or is there something special I ask for?
    Ugh, I feel like I have a million questions and I know how lame I must sound right now. These questions are so juvenile but I really can't put this off anymore.

    Thank you,

  • You're not lame at all. It can be very scary to go to the GYN for the first time. In fact, I still get kinda nervous and I've had two kids. You definently wanna look up reviews on a doctor before scheduling an appt. I like google reviews or Angie's list. I personally feel more comfortable with a female doctor but my best friend is just the
    opposite. You just have to keep it in the back of your mind that the doctor looks at women's vaginas all day long. You don't have anything they haven't seen before lol. As for the pap smear they're not painful just a little uncomfortable but it only lasts for a minute, literally. Good luck and don't cancel your appt cause your way past due. Better late than never


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