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Ovary remnant surgery?? Slippery slope

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  • Ovary remnant surgery?? Slippery slope

    I am 25 y/o with wacky female insides apparently. I tend to be Long winded so ill try and explain my circumstances.

    My med history: I obtained a pelvic stress fracture from running in Army basic training. It took nearly 3 years and some physical therapy for the bone to unionize. Problem solved. I'm up I'm running I'm physically active against great. Then running hurt had low back pain I thought I overcompensated to my non injured side. Got an MRI nothing bone related it ended up being a cyst. Went to my obgyn said take the cyst out don't need it in nursing school don't want it burst just take it out Thur ill be back I'm school mon. He wouldn't let me he said 99.9% of cysts go away and to trust him. Did an ultrasound before my next appointment and surprise it **************** near double in size from the MRI report about a month later. Ok so u/s in 2 weeks it'll go down tho. 2 weeks later bam it was tripled the original size looking pretty bad. Scheduled surgery the earliest possible date of course wasn't for yet another month. So surgery 12/2011 This growing cyst was actually a teratoma the big monster tumors. I was bigger than my uterus. So he removed the tumor, which cut off all circulation to my ovary he said there was nothing that could be done to save any of it so took the left ovary and then some little cysts in the region and some adhesions that were on my bowel. Oh and ps there's a hernia they found right inguinal which makes sense where my running pain came from.

    Ok moving on. I came terms with the lost ovary because the tube is still there it can pick up eggs dropped from the other side it's all good. A year and 3 months later pain. Pain I haven't felt before. Inner frontal vaginal wall pain during intercourse whether its fingers or penis it stabs the heck out of my vagina. Off to the ultrasound! What they found was an ovary remnant. My dr does not think that is the source of my sexual pain she thinks that's related to nerve pain and I need to see a pelvic floor physical therapist for that. So back to the ovary remnant. She said they can in fact grow back. If the tissue was dead it would have been absorbed but it didn't and it's most likely live tissue. At my appt today she said she doesn't think it needs to be removed. She said befriend it.its not harming anything. The ultrasound I had today after my appt said ovary remnants look like smaller versions of ovary and cysts are dark small circles. So what she saw in the pocket of what should be emptiness from the roved ovary was something ? Lt ovary. That's what she typed. She said it doesn't look like ovary or a remnant or a cyst but some weird tissue just hanging out in its place. I hope my doctor will call to let me know what's up with that.

    But here's where I'm left at. She doesn't think I need the surgery. She said I will do the surgery and take it out but It will not fix the pain you're having right low. So that's some pt forum or something elsewhere. But I've heard terrible stories about surgery after surgery to remove remnants that just keep coming back. Do I go through with it for piece of mind? I don't want it to get attached to my bladder and cause IC but don't want it to get attached to bowel too. They found traces of endometriosis my first surgery so I don't know if this plays a part In it. My female psychosocial mind says I don't want dead ovary or whatever left in there. But dr says it can stay in.

    Essentially I need help. Is it worth it to take it out? Or do I just go with my doctors joke l, "befriend It, give it a name, like rosemary the remnant" if it wasn't for her sense of humor I probably would have cried in the office. She's a great dr and another dr in the practice I know also said it doesn't sound like the remnant is causing my intercourse pain.

    Thoughts? Sorry I talk a lot. If I were to do surgery to remove it I'd want them to clear adhesions and probably mesh over the hernia on the other side. Lots inside drama. Thanks!

  • Hiya,

    I think that because you were told it didn't need to come out, the first time and clearly it did you are having doubts when told " it doesn't need to come out".

    I would go more frequently, and keep checking on it. Forewarned is good and keeping an eye perfect.

    If it seems to move, grow, be in-different then I would personally have it removed.

    I'd also perhaps get a second opinion for peace of mind about both problems, can't hurt.

    Welcome to WH


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