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Itching and small bumps

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  • Itching and small bumps

    I'm wondering if anyone has any idea for what I might have while I'm waiting for my dr apt later this week. I noticed some slight tearing and the faintest drops of blood after sex. I didn't notice anything else, I itched but assumed it was the tears healing, so I figured I was fine. Then, after a rough holiday weekend with my boyfriend of almost two years, I was more torn and found about three very small bumps. I was tested for herpes about six months ago and it was negative. I had molluscum and hpv in the past, though there was never any tearing involved. The bumps don't look like anything on the Internet, they are so slight it's hard to say if the molluscum indent is in the center or if the bump broke and healed over. Does anyone have any idea what I might have?
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  • So you have HPV? Isn't that for life? I know the symptoms of HPV can come and go, but the virus is forever. You might of had an outbreak and developed bumps? It only makes sense if you have the virus. The reasons your bumps don't look like the ones on the internet is because there are different strains of HPV, so they will all look different. Either that or you're having an allergic reaction to something or are irritated down there


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