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low progesterone problem

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  • low progesterone problem

    Hi I was wondering if anyone has had a similar problem to what I am going through. My progesterone levels have been low for several years, I am now 27. It is quite possible that I have had low progesterone since I was a teenager as I have never had regular periods and often gone 6 months without any period. After my hair started falling out a year ago I got took several blood tests that resulted in my progesterone being a maximum 4 nmol/L when it should be at least 30. My doctor put me on a course of 3 iron tablets a day, as my iron was a bit low too, and said that that should then increase the progesterone. All my other test results were fairly normal, including estrogen and I don't have polysistic. After 6 months my iron is up but progesterone is still very low. After a short time of my hair starting to grow back, it seems to be starting to fall out again.

    The thing is that this does coincide with me doing a bit more exercise but never excessive. I train maximum 6 days a week for 1 hour, a good mixture of weight training, yoga and cardio. My diet is very good, I eat lots of iron rich foods, high vit C foods (for iron absorption) and even foods that are meant to help with progesterone. I am not under weight, which seems to be the main cause for progesterone to stop when related to exercise and diet. I weight 62kg 137lbs and my height is 5'7" with still a nice bit of body fat on me, nowhere near risky levels! Basically I am super healthy apart from this. It's very frustrating.

    I have tried to find out why my progesterone is so low, my doctor never tells me much and just mumbles some excuse. Obviously my progesterone levels are naturally low but sometimes it is better than others, my hair is super thick and all the other symptoms (headaches, fatigue, concentration loss etc) goes. The only thing that I think it comes down to is it gets worse when I exercise. But I still desperately want to exercise (in-fact I started a career in fitness 5 years ago and plan to go back to it in another couple of years) i do everything right exercise wise and never push my body to extreme. I trained as a dancer when I was a teenager (still going through puberty) and this was very punishing on my body and although past the age of 20 I have never trained again to that level I was wondering in some weird way whether it was at all possible that my body still remembers that and has a low tolerance level to exercise could it be that in some way it shuts down when I exercise as it thinks I will be doing too much. Or is that just crazy?!

    Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated.

  • Why haven't they put you on hormone therapy? Even just combination birth control pills would give you progesterone and regulate your periods. Personally I'd just go get birth control pills but I end up treating all my problems on my own because doctors are too cautious or just plain stupid. My husband has a vasectomy but I keep taking seasonique because I am 100% convinced I have pcos. I just don't want to go off the pills long enough for them to diagnose it. I've been on them since early highschool and i'm 28 now. Dealing with the symptoms for a few months isn't worth a diagnoses when I'm so confident of what I have. I research and tell my psychiatrist what medication to give me for insomnia too.


    • Thanks for your post. My doctor has said that's about the only thing I can do but because in a year or two me and my husband will want to start a family I want to understand why this is happening, as obviously my progesterone needs to go up even to have a chance of getting pregnant. My doctor said they can treat me if I want to get pregnant and it's not happening but that's not the case at the moment, I just want to be healthy and know why. I have been looking at trying Agnus Cactus, I have heard good things about this supplement.
      Doctors never seem to want to commit to a diagnosis. Sometimes I think it's best if you can treat yourself!


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