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Worried about herpes

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  • Worried about herpes

    Back at the end of April, I became involved with a new partner. We had been together a couple of weeks, and I had seen his last STD test results from after his last relationship and all of them were negative. He had told me his last girlfriend found she had herpes when she was with him, so he got tested. He was apparently involved with her in February, so all of his tests were negative two months after exposure. This included herpes IgG and IgM tests. Stupidly, I did not do my research and find out about the dormancy of herpes. He broke up with me in mid-June. About a week later, I pursued someone I am now hopelessly in love with, asking him out and he said yes. As a precaution, I got tested. My herpes tests (both IgG and IgM), along with all of my other STD tests (gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV, chlamydia, hepatitis) were negative. I had no elevated values for the herpes tests. This was approximately six weeks after exposure.

    Through July and August, we became sexually involved. My new boyfriend has not been with anyone for a few years, but was tested anyway for my sake. He was negative on all counts. Sometime near the beginning of August, for four days in a row we had sex and were heavy petting. He fingered me (vaginal) fairly roughly, and by the fourth day I was experiencing some itching. By the end of the week, I was having lots of vaginal discharge and discomfort. The discharge was thick and yellowish, but didn't look frothy or like cottage cheese. I was concerned, so I went to see my doctor. I expressed my concerns of an STD, but she looked and didn't see anything unusual. She had my discharge tested, but I never got the results back. She told me to call her if I was still having issues, so by the following week, when I was still having problems, she prescribed fluconazole and metronidazole. I took the fluconazole, but a couple days later I was still having the strange discharge and itching. I went to see a different doctor and asked to be tested for all STDs again (which would be about 3 months and give or take a few days after initial exposure), including of course the herpes 1 and 2 IgG and IgM. She also found a lot of yeast, so she instructed me to stop talking the metronidazole and prescribed me two more doses of fluconazole. She said to wait another day and take one, then take the other one 3 to 4 days later. The office called back with the test results a couple days later and the IgG and IgM tests were both negative, again with no elevated figures.

    So at this point I think I'm in the clear. But the fluconazole did not clear up the discharge or discomfort completely, plus I started getting abdominal pain, which I've felt before when I had bacterial vaginosis in the past. I call the first doctor I saw and tell her the situation. She prescribes me metronidazole again, which I am still currently taking. The discharge has mostly disappeared by this point, but I'm still slightly itchy, so I was feeling pretty positive that I didn't have herpes. But tonight, I got a text from the ex, telling me he's sorry but he just got recent test results back and he has herpes. His exposure was in February, and his first noted outbreak was in the past couple of weeks (September), nearly 7 months later.

    I'm sorry about the wall of text here, but now I'm terrified. To sum it up, I've so far been tested twice for herpes, once at around the 6-7 week mark after exposure, and again after around 3 months, both IgG and IgM tests showing negative results. Besides the discharge and itching, which are likely caused by yeast and bv, I haven't had any obvious symptoms. I guess I'm just wondering how worried I should be. I've read that it can take 3 to 6 months for the test to show a positive. I've already spoken to my current boyfriend about it, and he's being very supportive. We plan on getting married and starting a family, and he assures me this is not a deal-breaker and won't hinder our plans, but I will never fully forgive myself if I've infected him. I was told by the doctor who gave the second test that if I think I've had an outbreak to re-test in 4-6 weeks, but I think I'm going to wait until November, which would be 6 months after exposure just to be sure. My question is if I am infected, wouldn't the virus have showed up in my blood by now, even if I haven't had an outbreak? I just feel so stupid, and I thought I did everything right.

  • That's a question for your medical professionals. They will best know the sensitivity of the tests they use and dormancy, etc.


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