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Has anyone else experienced this?

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  • Has anyone else experienced this?

    Hi guys, hopefully this is the right place to post this. I wonder if any of you guys have had the same symptoms. I've noticed recently that I've been getting a weird feeling in my right hip, around about where I would imagine my ovaries to be. It's almost like a stretchy, spasmy type feeling and although its not painful its uncomfortable and I'm beginning to worry about it. I've had it on and off for the past couple of weeks. It's made worse by exercising and the feeling seems to move up my right side to my gut and then I can also feel it it in my back to an extent. I can sometimes feel it in my left ovary but it's mainly the right. I do tend to feel a bit bloaty and gassy with it, but I have to confess I do drink a lot of fizzy drinks which may be contributing to it. I'm really sort of out of shape too, so I'm wondering if maybe the exercise I'm doing is maybe just stretching muscles I haven't used in a while and that's what's causing this weird feeling? Another theory I have is that although I've never been diagnosed with IBS, I suspect I might have it because I have sudden onsets of the need to empty my bowels, which can often result in a very intense pain which I will feel sick with until I have emptied my bowels and then it disappears almost a fast as it came. Though these incidents are quite rare, only really happen a few times a year. Anyway, the strange spasm/stretchy feeling I get in my ovary/back/gut feels sort of the same but less intense and not nearly as painful.
    I think I might go to the doctors on monday and see what they have to say , hopefully its nothing serious. I'm sure ill worry till I know anyway :/

    Thank you for reading.

    p.s, the pain is not period cramps

  • never felt that


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