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The indecision to be worried or not, amoung other things.. I need help

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  • The indecision to be worried or not, amoung other things.. I need help

    Hi! I'm new here and I am stuck in between a rock and a hard place.

    In November I had am MRI on my hip or joint discomfort. They were looking for arthritis to rule it out, because I'm almost 21. The pain i was having was a tear in my glutinous mini-something. So it hurts "underneath" my bum cheek. Left side to be exact. But when I first went to the ortho I described the hip pain and my entire hip area, front, back and side. Weeellllllll on the MRI they also found an ovarian cyst. I nearly pooped myself. I knew nothing about these things or how they happened or anything. I have never been to a gyno or anything like that. So my ortho said semi urgently that I should go see one. "I would definitely go see one if i were you". Ok, a doctor saying that, it scares me! It was Thanksgiving time and I didn't worry too much about it. Because it was ruled as a different thing, I could focus on it as something different. I have the hip pain out of the way, so now this is a new set of pain. My mom told me that I only am feeling something because now I know that it's there. It was all in my head and i needed to stop it. Ok, i mean i have severe anxiety issues so its not unusual for me to worry like that. Buuuuuttttt then I tried to sleep. When i went to sleep, i had such an intense pain! I was tearing up, i couldn't stay still, and it literally took my breath away. That happened for a few nights but then subsided.

    Well, I started having the pain again! This time worse and longer! Between then and now, I've felt some pressure here and there and discomfort, but now its worse. It hurts, its uncomfortable, i want to cry, i feel pressure, i feel stinging a burning, it hurts to pee, and to poo, and it hurts to bend over, or move my hip, or sit, and i get a no and again dull pain up my side (I don't know if that's related). For the most part its not constant, the only thing that is is the discomfort and pressure, which isn't any different. Oh! And also, i'm having all the "emotional" signs of having my regular period. I don't have PMS, but I do get wicked, wicked tired, and have food cravings, and feel bloated and "fat", and have very small mood swings. No menstrual like cramping though. I do have pressure in my lower abdomen though. Sometimes it throbs (maybe pulsate is a more appropriate term?). It feels like I have to poo most of the time.. like that pressure-y feeling. I just had my last cycle this past weekend (Jan 18th or 19th it ended) and this time was a little different but I didn't think anything of it. I was extra extra tired and I didnt bleed as much or for as long as I usually do. And the tiredness, the comfort food cravings and all that jazz never went away, I still have all of that. Just no blood, and no sign of blood.

    One more thing, is that it does hurt to have sex. Not really during, but after. It feels awful and my boyfriend always feels bad that he hurt me or "broke" me. I end up laying down for a while and tearing up again.

    NOW, here is my question...

    Should I actually be worried, not so much that it's cancer, or jeopardizing my poor little ovary, but just worried that its growing and is a problem? Or is it just a cyst? I keep reading "cysts often go unrecongnized and without symptoms" BUT MINE ISN'T! I'm mostly being a worry wort but I can't talk to my mom about it, she thinks "it's all in my head"

    Well, thank you for your time, i just needed to get this out. I have a doctors appointment on Tuesday so I just need some insight and/or information until then. Thank you!


  • If you're 21 and sexually active, it's a good idea to have a yearly pelvic exam anyway, so I'm glad you're going on Tuesday. With the exam, they can tell you quite a bit and address all your questions about cysts, and explain for you what cysts are each month. They can give you the options for treatment, to keep these things minimally affecting your daily life.

    I get cysts, sometimes very painful ones. I know when I'm ovulating and can tell which ovary each month because I can palpate the swelling externally and feel the pressure and slight pain. Some months it is much more painful.
    Use this time to learn about your body and get to know it much better. It's a great time to really start paying very close attention and listening to your body each day and tracking each symptom daily, even those you think aren't PMS! .
    Good luck and keep us posted!


    • Thank you for your reply! That does make me feel a little better. I am very nervous about going to the gyno.. The appointment Tuesday is just to see my primary care, because I haven't spoken with her yet about my hip issue, and I need a prescription filled. But I'm assuming that she's going to refer me to a gyno, or possibly do an exam herself. I am on birth control, and they never did a pelvic exam before I got it. I have the implanon (and I love it), and pretty much everything about my sexual health that I had questions about (back then) were ignored. Since then I got a new doctor (my old one left) and already shes taken the initiative to put my worries and health first. My old doctor did nothing about my hip, and my new one ordered an xray, and the MRI, so I'm confident that this won't be over looked.

      My issue is that I'm very very very very very very very shy, and I don't like the idea of having my hoohaa on display for all to see. I knooow it's not "for all to see" but that what it feels like to me. I always say "they have to at least buy me dinner first!". I never really understood the importance of going to see a gyno or talking about my hoohaa's health (mom was neglectful when I was younger). I've asked my boyfriend to do the exam for me, but he said no (hahaha). He has agreed to come with me and be my support system for when I go, because he knows how uncomfortable I am about this whole situation.

      My other issue that I can't seem to shake is if these cysts often go with no pain or knowledge that they even exist, and mine have me laying on the couch all day afraid to go pee, is this an issue, or is it normal? On a pain level out of 10 it's probably a 6 or a 7, sometimes an 8. On a discomfort level out of 10 it's a solid 834729037856324870560238947560293847509823. I am going bonkers.


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