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abnormal pap-nervous

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  • abnormal pap-nervous

    I'm 22, regular periods, haven't had sex since september...

    Had my annual appointment first week of Feb and received a call that I have an abnormal pap and will have to return for that procedure that basically means a closer look. I am nervous though and do not want to wait until the first week of march. I am sure it is nothing but should I be concerned? I have noticed a white-ish discharge but I figured it is because of stress, maybe hormonal changes, and perhaps dehydration. PLEASE GIVE ADVICE I do not want to be nervous

  • Sometimes depending where you are in your cycle a pap can come back with abnormal cells that don't mean anything. The cells are replaced as you move on with your reproductive cycle. You could also have a cyst on your cervix. Happened to me once. However no matter how long ago you had sex there is a chance of hpv. It can lay dormant for years and then cause problems. Only a handful of strains actually cause issues though. Most of us are walking around with some form of hpv.


    • Hi there!

      I had my first pap when I was 22 like you and it was abnormal as well (I'm almost 29). I was totally freaked out and scared. I did find out that I tested positive for HPV. I was devestated initially and thought my life was over - but it wasn't.

      I had to go back to the doctor for them to take a closer look. I learned that I had strains of "high risk" HPV which can cause cervical cancer - "low risk" usually causes genital warts, which I did not have. I ended up having a biopsy of my cervix done (they clipped a little piece of my cervix off) to look further into what was going on. It was scary and uncomfortable but it was not painful.

      I eventually learned that everything was clean and ok! I have had several paps since then and never tested positive for HPV again. I also went and got the gardisil shot which prevents any more strains of HPV from getting into your system - you can get it in 3 doses a couple months apart.

      Of course, I'm not saying you have HPV!!!! But that is my story of having an abnormal pap and it turned out ok! Don't be too scared and don't be too stressed out until you hear more from your doctor. It could be practically nothing - vaginas seem to have minds of their own and they are always doing crazy things. Good luck and don't worry too much - everything will most likely be ok and work out somehow


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