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Ladies! I need help! TEENAGE ISSUE

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  • Ladies! I need help! TEENAGE ISSUE

    Hi y'all, I have an issue I have never experienced before. I am sixteen and had sex two days ago. I had swelling yesterday which is said to be normal and I took an Advil and things seemed to me alright. Today, when I woke up all swelling was gone (yay!) but when I went to use the restroom and as I started to urinate i noticed my urine was all blood. I am pretty freaked out because I don't want to tell my mom and I need answers. I looked into it being a UTI but nothing stings or burns, theres just blood. I also recently took one of those pills that turn urine orange, but there is still blood.
    Further info about the intercourse, I am on birth control and there was no protection (not smart, trust me I certainly know), and it was my first time.
    Pretty Please share what you know, If I need to go to the doctor or what

  • Is it possible the blood was from your vagina and you noticed it when it mixed with urine? The bleeding could be a result of this being your first time(hymen breaking), especially since you experienced swelling and discomfort. If not, then you may have a kidney infection rather than an UTI. Often times, kidney infections won't cause burning/stinging when urinating. If the bleeding persists, you need to see a doctor.

    Best Wishes,


    • I'd bet the blood is coming from the vagina instead of the urinary tract. Use a pad just in case and apply some ice down there if you can stand it to reduce swelling and shrink blood vessels.


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