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Feel Like Its All In My Head :(

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  • Feel Like Its All In My Head :(

    Hey was just wondering if anyone could help me? I've had alot of ongoing problems since I was 17. I'm now 24 years old. It all started by just having really sore periods. I went to my GP and he put me on contraceptives (which through out the years I have had everyone except the marina coil) they all seem to take the pain away but then I end up bleeding everyday and when I was on the pills and had to take a break from them I would end up vomiting and being in alot of pain at my pelvic area and would end up in hospital getting pain relief. After trying everything to control this I was then put on the injection which caused me to be very depressed and I also kept getting really sore period pains so after being on that for 7 months I was then given Provera to stop my period completely which, when I had it years ago never worked but this time I was given it to take 3 times a day. This stopped my period but I started to get really sweaty (wakening up in the morning soaking wet with sweat and this still happens) I then started to get a really itchy body all the time and was told this could be allergic reactions to the provera so I was then put on strong antihistamines (because the lower ones wouldn't help). While all this kept my period away I would sometimes get period pains. I was then given omeprazole because I started vomiting and sweating alot and getting a really sore stomach (middle part of belly not pelvic area) I was told to take 4 a day of the omeprazole as well as taking the provera and anti histamine along with other medications. After all the sore stomach and vomiting started happening I then started to bleed again and get sore period pains. I have had so many medications to try and get this sorted but nothing is working! it was then decided that I needed an operation after trying to get 4 smear tests done and it being too sore to do that 3 different Dr's stopped doing the Smear cause I was too sore
    I cant even have sex as its too sore but now I have zero sex drive at all they also wanted to find out if I have endometriosis which after having the op has came back as everything is fine!! Even though I still get period pains that I have to take tramadol for. After the operation I was then told to come off all the medication I was on and see how it goes. A few months before I went for my op thou I started vomiting alot to the stage its ripping the lining in my stomach and causing blood to come up! Which I then have to go to.hospital to get an anti sickness injection that they use on chemo patients. I always feel really sick started getting really sore headache and have period pains and pains in the upper part of my adbomen. I have had a million different scans and tests and they all come back normal and fine the only time there seems to be any change is when I'm in that much pain that my heart rate, pulse and temperature all go high then I start feeling ok again and get told to go home and rest! This is now really starting to affect my whole life! I feel like I'm always not well or something is always wrong with me but when I go to GP she just says that everything's fine and keeps giving me more tablets. All I do is cry all the time now and feel like I'm mad because everyone says nothing is wrong but one minute I'm fine then the next I'm in agony with period pains, very heavy periods, vomiting, headaches, sore upper stomach, feeling really upset all the time and so sweaty and sleepy. Has anyone else ever had anything like this? Cause I really do feel like I'm going mad and there's nothing wrong even though I'm always in pain/vomiting.

    If anyone can help then please comment please.

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