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Faint line on ept and have brown discharge and foul odor

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  • Faint line on ept and have brown discharge and foul odor

    I had a miscarriage feb 12. It was my first pregnancy. I bled heavily until March 6. Me and my fiancé had intercourse early this morning and during sex I noticed a horrible smell. I did not realize however that it was coming from my vagina until I got up went to the bathroom an had brownish bloody looking discharge. It's very light and seems to be going away. However the foul odor is not. And I have slight cramping. Nothing serious. I went to the er on March 1 Bc my fiancé convinced me to take a pregnancy test and it came back positive. So just being cautious and staying in the safe side we went to the hospital. Both hoping there was still a baby even though I had been bleeding ridiculously for two weeks. A ultrasound reviled that there was no baby and it was just hormones left over. They told me my hormone levels were where they would be at one week pregnant. I was 6 weeks when I lost the baby. So is it possible that the line on the test is still just left over hormones? Or could I infact be pregnant again? And so soon? And what is the cause of this discharge and odor? I had not noticed it until intercourse. And me and my fiancé are very sexual active. And I did not notice it the night before or anytime before so. What could this be? Has anyone experienced this before? Need advice ASAP please.

  • I think it's very possible for this to be just from leftover hormones and from the miscarriage. It takes awhile for your body to get back to "normal" after something as traumatic as a miscarriage no matter how far along you are.
    I strongly suggest you call your nurse on call if you are this concerned.


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