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Group B Strep Bladder Infection - how did I get this?? So frustrated :(

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  • Group B Strep Bladder Infection - how did I get this?? So frustrated :(

    Hi ladies - I am in dire and desperate need of some advice here. I know I can't get expert medical advice on here but doctors have not been very helpful to me so far.

    After having no love life for over a year, I had intimate relations with a new partner a couple of weeks ago. A couple days after our lovemaking sessions things in the vaginal area seemd a bit off. I felt like I hate to urinate very often and felt like I couldn't empty my bladder fully - sounds like a UTI coming on, right? So I went to the Urgent Care clinic and gave a urine sample. They found nothing but some blood so they gave me bactrim for 3 days and sent my sample out for a culture.

    The next day they called and said I did have a bladder infection. I told them the antibiotics were not helping at all yet - while I did not have the typical UTI "burning razor blade pee pain" I just felt the urge to urinate all the time and like my bladder was always full - VERY uncomfortable. They said to call the next day if things did not improve. I was so miserable that I cried and called into work that day.

    The next day things were not better. I called the clinic back and they gave me amoxicillan for 5 days. Things seemed slightly better but now I have a yeast infection. Of course I still have to pee all the freaking time and can't empty my bladder - I am frustrated and miserable beyond words.

    I went to my "kind of" regular clinic the following week to see a GP and find out what was going on. And here is where I find out - I had streph in my urine culture, not the normal e-coli that typically causes bladder infections. What in the world????????

    They took another urine sample but everything looked normal so they did not send it out for another culture and of course they would not give me any more antibiotics. I got 1 pill of diflucan which I think is helping the yeast infection but it is not totally gone yet, ugh.

    How did I get strep in my urine and why is it causing UTI like symptoms that won't go away??? I thought it was from sex but now I am not sure. I have been taking all of these different supplements now like probiotics and cranberry supplements and pumpkin seed supplements and drinking cystex cranberry drink which had d-mannose in it. I've seen improvement but my bladder still never empties out.

    Could this be a psychological thing? I have a lot of anxiety and I know anxiety can do odd things to the body. Should I go see a urologist perhaps??? This is destroying my life. I don't want to go anywhere or do anything because I feel like I always have to go to the bathroom and it is so uncomfortable. I have become very depressed and lost my sex drive - which is bad when you are newly dating someone. I had sex two nights ago and I am hoping and praying that I didn't get a different UTI or anything from that (yes, I peed after sex each time.) I kinda am paranoid of sex right now though

    Oh, and FYI: No, I am not pregnant. I do not have diabetes or any STD's - those were all checked for.

    Thanks to anyone who reads this and/or comments - I can't talk to my Mom about it (she doesn't understand) and the girlfriends I have talked to seem totally baffled.

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