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Abnormal pap but no HPV?

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  • Abnormal pap but no HPV?

    I just got a message from my doctor saying my pap came back showing "a few atypical cells." I tested negative for HPV. My doctor says there is no need for further action at this point and that we will just repeat the pap in a year.

    Why, if I'm showing atypical cells, would follow-up not be necessary for a full year? If there were a concern for cancer, I'm assuming they'd want to see me back sooner. So if that's not a concern, and it's not HPV, what are some reasons I would be getting atypical results?

  • The atypical cells is pretty common with paps. I have got one too. The doctor did some other test as well to make sure it wasn't anything serious. It was all part of the annual exam. It was a long time ago, but I do remember having a conversation with a gynecologists and they said it happens all the time and unless something else is abnormal, nothing to worry about. If you are concerned, ask the doctor.
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