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I found my cure for BV! Let me share with you.

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  • I found my cure for BV! Let me share with you.

    Greeting ladies,

    I have been a sufferer of BV (bacterial vaginosis) for years, even before I was sexually active, the slightest thing to throw my pH off and I'd be a fishy, wet (we all know how copious and disgusting BV discharge is), unhealthy mess down there. It was one of the causes of my depression and the cause of more than 1 failed relationship as I just couldn't get over it and it was severely affecting my sex life and my health in general.

    I'd go to the gyno, get some antibiotics, take em', BV goes away, yeast infection comes, I try to cure the bloody yeast infection and BV comes right back. I felt hopeless at a point and rendered myself perpetually fishy.

    I began researching simple, home remedies that I could do, if that didn't work then I would have given up totally. I found my cure, it's not just one miracle thing, but a combination of things along with diligence, discipline and some patience. Although not a member at the time, I read many threads on this very forum that REALLY helped me and thought the least I could do was share my miracle with other sufferers and hopefully it helps someone. Now onto the good stuff, how I cured my BV.

    These things were KEY in curing it for me, ALL of them, you can add or subtract as you like, but I think take one away and my BV would not have disappeared:

    Materials needed:
    Regular Drinking Water
    Distilled Water
    Hydrogen Peroxide
    Douche Bottle
    Vagisil pH Balance Wash
    RePhresh Vaginal Gel
    RePhresh Pro-B Probiotics (What I use, I'm sure any Probiotic made for vaginal health will do.


    1. Drink Water: Ladies, if you have chronic BV, not drinking enough water is basically asking the BV to stick around forever. DRINK WATER. Your vagina NEEDS it. Water truly is a miracle worker, as cliche as it sounds, and it purifies things down there and creates a fresh base for the rest of the regimen.

    2. Hydrogen Peroxide Douche: Very simple & KEY. It won't work without this step, some of the other steps you can do without if you must but NOT this one. You'll need your distilled water & your regular drugstore 3% hydrogen peroxide. Take a douche bottle, clean it out with the hydrogen peroxide first, especially the applicator, then fill it with 50% water and 50% hydrogen peroxide. Douche with this once daily until your symptoms are 100% gone. When they are, you can use it for preventative maintenance when you feel BV coming on. I get BV after sex and after getting brazilian waxes, so I always use my trusty douche during those times.

    3. Wash 1x to 2x daily with the Vagisil pH Balance Wash, this wash is amazing, it really helps me control odor (I now smell fresh and sweet most of the time, my husband loves it, I can't believe this is my reality after having bv for so long) and helps me stay nice and dry during the day.

    4. Use RePhresh Vaginal Gel as needed to balance pH and keep you smelling (and tasting ) fresh and sweet. I use 1x-2x a week and will never go without it. Begin using the RePhresh after you're rid of the BV symptoms by using the HP douche.

    5. Take vaginal probiotics daily. As with drinking water, this works from the inside, the best way to do it.

    This may seem like a lot but it's a small price to pay to get rid of bv forever. I am so happy now, my sex life is great and my vagina is healthy, I couldn't ask for anything more. I will check the thread regularly to answer any questions. Good luck ladies! Feel free to share your tips for getting rid of this horrible disease.

  • I have to say missy i think u r on to something..even though this is my 2nd day using ur regimen..i did the Hp douche lastnite before bed..and all day today at wrk i had no odor or DISCHARGE!! Im going to continue to do it for the rest of the week though but..my goodness..im praying that this is the answer!! And THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!


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