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Dryness and itching and hives, Oh my!

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  • Dryness and itching and hives, Oh my!

    So, the situation as it is now. I have some medium level dryness right at the opening of my vagina, that becomes less severe as it goes outward into the labia. There is some redness inside, and now hives around the outside. This started exactly 3 days ago as just a slight itch in the opening, that got progressively worse the following day after some friction from my clothing and a scratch or two (It also seemed to get worse after drying off from a hot soak in the bath.) It was not exceptionally painful, as much as it was dry. Didn't look terribly abnormal either, with the exception of the dryness which was kinda like the feeling of when your tongue gets completely dried out and you can feel every taste bud. It was also just specifically the opening, everything inside was fairly moist and the discharge was in small white clumps when found at all, with no odor. Not having so many supplies, I used avocado oil to keep moist on day 2 and then after some researching, yogurt on day 3. I've been taking tinctures of Dong Quai and Black Cohosh as I expect my period (tomorrow or the following day) which is something I've done without adverse effects before, also prior to the initial itch and during the first day I had taken some large doses of VitC, divided into small doses every few hours, as all my house mates are getting colds and what not.
    The hives just appeared in less than an hour ago, which was something of a surprise and the yogurt and oil were quite a relief and I was figuring I was on the mend. I soaked quickly in a baking soda bath and patted down with some Apple Cider Vinegar diluted in water, and the itching is gone leaving only this sad angry vagina and dryness remaining. (Oh and let us not forget the hives).
    I'm at a loss, as I've never had anything of this sort before and prior to the hives I had just figured it was Thrush? I also was quite dry right before my last period, but certainly not this severe.
    Thoughts, ideas, questions?

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