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Bartholin's Cyst recurring after surgery

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  • Bartholin's Cyst recurring after surgery

    Hi all,
    Bit of an embarrassing topic for my first post but hey! I'm 26 years old and I had a bit of a nightmare with a recurring Bartholin's cyst last year, had it drained + catheterized first, which kept it away for a few months, then it came back suddenly. Had it drained + catheterized again, kept it away for a week or two, it came back, drained + catheterized again, ended up in A&E on a sunday when the cyst suddenly swelled up, I got a fever, the catheter started coming out and I was crying in pain and bleeding a fair bit.

    Agreed to have marsupialization done as I was told it was usually pretty permanent and recurrence was uncommon. All went smoothly and it's been lovely until a few weeks ago, and it's just the same as it was before. It stays at a constant size normally but seems to "flare up" and double in size during/after any sexual activity.

    Would love a bit of advice if any lovely ladies here have any. My partner has been very sweet and understanding about it but I'm feeling so unattractive and gross right now and sex is painful. I keep wanting to go and get examined again but I'm so sick of being poked and prodded down there and dreading another 1-2 months of not being able to walk or sit comfortably, not to mention additional scarring. Is this likely to be a lifelong thing?

    Thanks x
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  • welcome to the forum

    sounds like you've had a tough time
    sorry, don't know anything other than what just read on web md
    has the Dr discussed removal of the gland with you at all?


    • Hi Amy, thanks for your reply! No my GP hasn't discussed that with me yet, and I'm getting worried that that might be where this is heading. I've tried to research it but most of my searches just come back with info about cyst removal. The idea of losing the gland altogether scares me a bit but I would go through with it if it means that this doesn't keep happening x


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