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Painful Insertion

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  • Painful Insertion

    Hello all! I'm am 18 in a couple of months and I have never had sex, never even had a boyfriend. I have always had issues with inserting my fingers. I can usually get one in comfortably, but I can only (rarely) get two in up to the 2nd knuckle before it hurts too much. I really wasn't concerned about this, I was just going to wait until I decided to get married and just go to the gyno and get checked out before my "first time". However, I recently heard about the menstrual cups and how they are life changing, so I decided to try one out. I got a size 1 Diva Cup and tried to use it on the first day of my period. I could not get it in! It was very, very painful! I tried 3 different 'folds' and I could just get the tip in, but I couldn't get past the rim.. I'm very disappointed, but also a little worried. Since this is not a new problem, is there something wrong or am I just always too tense? Could it just be my hymen needs to be 'broken'?
    Anything helps
    Thank you!

  • It could be that you're tense, or it could be a physical issue, or it just may be that the pain is more intense for you.

    Have you had your first pelvic exam yet? I take it that you haven't.
    Schedule an exam and talk it over with the doctor or nurse. These things are usually an easy fix, and nothing to worry about Hon. If it will help ease your mind, it's worth getting checked out, and taken care of sooner rather than later .
    Let us know how it goes dear

    Welcome to our little forum!


    • I agree with kitty. It's a great time to establish a relationship with an OB/Gyn! It's not surprising that it's painful to insert something larger than a finger. Most likely, your hymen has not been broken. Something very important is to make sure you are well lubricated before trying to insert your fingers, or anything else really. I'm not familiar with the menstrual cup so I can't speak for that, but anything else you need to be well lubed for.
      "Be what you're looking for."


      • Thank you both for the replies. I think it would be best just to go get checked out in a couple months when I'm 18. It probably is just normal, but maybe he/she can give me some expert advice.


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