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Clitoris woes.....

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  • Hello again......
    I am so sad to say the cyst has returned in exactly the same spot it's so painful....not yet unbearable but each day it's getting bigger, so no doubt it's going to get to the hellish stage I experienced with the previous cyst.

    Doctor has given me antibiotics again and said that she will most likely send me off to have it removed once it's healed....how on earth they are going to do that on my clitoris is beyond me, I don't even want to think about such a thing......ouch! I'm not walking like John Wayne yet, so its just painful but not terrible. Probably about the size of a small grape.....yay **sarcastic face**

    I forgot to update after last time...the cyst drained completely, but it hasn't felt 100% right since it happened, I could feel a hard long strip and it felt a little delicate....I so hope this is going to be the last time I'm going to experience this!!


    • Ouch. I hope that the doctors can cure you for good this time. Best wishes.
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      • I am SO happy I found this post!

        On thursday I noticed I was a little sore near my clit, but kind of like... above it? and if I pressed down it felt hard and not like, painful but not normal either. Fast forward to now, almost one week later and its still sore, mainly when I cross my legs, or if underwear or clothing pushes on it, and looks more swollen than normal. I can even feel the "pain/discomfort" now when i press on the area above my clit, but that doesnt look like its part of the vagina? ( kind of like before the lips start, and where you would shave normally). Your post has some what given me hope that I may be able to clear it up with antibiotics. I hate when stuff goes on in that area because its not common for me and I don't really pay much attention to it!


        • I know this is an entire year later, but I was wondering if you ever had a surgery to have the cyst removed. I have had this same problem with abscesses forming under my clitoral hood for the last eleven years. The first time, I got it to rupture and drain after two weeks of walking like John Wayne. The second time, my doctor agreed to incise and drain it. The last time, he didn’t want to incise and drain it so he put me on antibiotics and sent me on my merry way. I ended up in the emergency room two days later because it was excruciating and they incised and drained it for me. It’s still draining copiously three weeks later and I’m sure it’s going to be an abscess again soon. My doctor always insisted that there’s nothing else they can do except treat these as they happen, but I’m not sure I believe that.

          I’m not glad someone else has had to suffer one of these things, but I am glad that I found your post. I hope your abscess is resolved completely and never happens again, because they are agonizing. I’d be really curious to know what your outcome was.


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