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First time getting transvaginal ultrasound

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  • First time getting transvaginal ultrasound

    I posted this on another forum. I though I could get better responses here. Anyway...
    I recently had terrible abdominal pain that mostly subsided and it's probably related to an ovarian cyst. I never had a cyst before and the doctor wants me to get a pelvic and transvaginal ultrasound. The problem is I'm a (no sex toy using) virgin at the age of 21. TMI: I have a smallish and long vaginal canal and I already suffer from slight discomfort vaginally without effort due to the cyst. I seen the TV wand online and it concerns me how big the probe is at the end because it doesn't taper to make insertion a bit easier.

    Regretfully, I wished I would have paid attention to real life size when I had a breast ultrasound. More TMI: I used a firm menstrual cup before which is kind of big to insert. It seems the only way I can make go in is if I rub my clitoris for long enough to stop mild vaginal discomfort and insert it. Even a single finger can cause mild discomfort without stimulation. It worries me the pain of that along with them going to move it around inside.

    Is there thing to do to make the insertion easier on me? If you can say the size of the probe, how big do you say is it in inches? I know it's bigger than a regular tampon. I never had a routine pelvic exam or cervix swipe, either.

  • Hey Aurora! It's not abnormal that insertion would be a bit uncomfortable for you. However, the doctor will use plenty of lubrication and will not be putting something in dry. The only reason rubbing your clitoris works with the menstrual cup is because it is helping to lubricate you. That's exactly what the lubrication the doctor uses will do. You will feel some discomfort, yes. YOu will feel some pressure and oddness. But you will be okay.
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