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ongoing vaginal burning

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  • ongoing vaginal burning

    Hi. I'm getting desperate. 6 months ago I had intercourse with my boyfriend and had some minor bleeding afterwards, which had never happened before. Two days later I had intense burning, so much worse than anything I'd experienced before. I have previously had both yeast infections and UTI's and this was so different and just unbearable. Off to the Doctor who couldn't see anything wrong but thought it may be UTI so put me on antibiotics - no result. Took myself to STI clinic for tests for everything - all came back clear. But they said that I had a yeast infection as they could see it everywhere. Treated with 7 days Canesten. - no result. Back to GP who said it wasn't yeast and it was all in my head. Put me on ENDEP antidepressants as I wasn't sleeping, and they use this to try and change the brain/pain nerve receptors or something - no result. Off to a specialist women's health dr in a gyno clinic. She again said it looked like a yeast infection and hit it hard with antifungals. Also swapped me off endep and onto Lyrica - no result. Multiple trips back to this clinic and have now just finished another course of antibiotics for BV which I thought really helped for a couple of days but now I'm back to where I was again with constant discharge and burning pain. Had another whole lot of swabs done which all came back clear. They're saying now that it's vulvadynia, but nothing I read on that mentions discharge. It just feels like an infection to me but why can't they identify it? It's now been 6 months and I really can't live like this. I broke up with my boyfriend so sex is not an issue now. I've tried apple cider vinegar, baking soda, salt water washes, antihistamines, and the last thing I'm using is a lidocaine anaesthetic cream from the pharmacy so at least I can get rid of the pain for an hour or two. If anyone has experienced anything like this I'd love to know how you coped, and if you had any luck with any treatment.
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  • So sorry you are going through this. I'm also glad that all your tests are coming back neg for STIs. It may be possible that you have some fibroids that are creating the discharge, and BV can be very difficult to diagnose at times, or have them check you for lichen sclerosis. Also, ease up on everything you are doing, you may be further aggravating things. Ask your doctor for some steriode cream to apply to your vulva to help soothe the itch and pain. A couple that I can think of would be Betamethasone or Clobetesol. Finally if you still don't get any relief, ask for a consultation with a specialist.
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