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Genetic infections ?

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  • Genetic infections ?

    Hi everyone earlier this year I got a yeast infection and when I told my mom about it she told me that she would get them as well. She then made me an appointment to see the gynecologist. They had told her that the next open appointment wasn't until the next month so I had to treat it myself (monistat and some itch cream). We both forgot about the appointment so I never actually went. After that, I had gotten one more infection. I also found out that my sister gets them too. Months passed and today I have a bartholin cyst on my left labia. I also have a cold so I feel terrible. I told my mom that I need to make an appointment again but still their next opening isn't till February. I told my mom what was wrong with me and she proceeded to tell me that she would get the same cyst while she was pregnant with me. And I've been wondering if its more likely for me to get these infections since she would get them also. I am a girl and I do have a girlfriend and im sure she is not the reason I'm having these troubles. Please let me know of some tips to stay clean and healthy ! Also let me know if it's possible that my mom passed it done to me. Thank you

  • I don't know if I have seen studies to back it up, but it seems reasonable that your body chemistry would be similar to your mom's, and therefore be predisposed to infection and cysts.
    Doesn't matter too much, as you can manage these, very likely. I used to get them frequently, but as I got older they are under control. I bet I've not had an infection in over 10 years now.

    Watch your diet. Sugary foods and drink will feed the organisms and change the acidity of your body. That was the biggest change I made. Wear cotton undies, no thongs. Wash with water only, or a very mild soap on the outside portions of your labia if necessary. Sleep with no undies if you can, change them frequently if soiled. Wear looser clothing to give room for air to move. (Some say this step isn't important, but, it can't hurt)

    Once you get control of things, you may be able to enjoy other panties and not be as careful with diet and clothes. I still watch diet, sleep naked but otherwise wear what I want. I would get an infection every few months in my early twenties. Once I learned what to do, they were under control in no time, and I've not had a problem since.


    • Yes, it can be more than likely that you would follow in your Mother's footsteps. As atskitty has said watch your diet. Wear cotton undies, air your lady bits out each night for a while. Yeast infections like warm moist and dark places. Yogurt has been said to help, both eaten and directly applied. Original, no sugar added yogurt. You might benefit from drinking cranberry juice as well to ward off bladder infections.
      That which we forget may as well never really happened.


      • Thank you for the replies ! I really appreciate the tips and hopefully i can avoid anymore infections!


        • Originally posted by Ethme.98 View Post
          earlier this year I got a yeast infection After that, I had gotten one more infection.
          welcome to the forum!

          yeast infections can occur from antibiotic use, oral contraceptive use, decreased immune function, and although it is not considered a sexually transmitted disease, it can be spread that way

          my mom has constant yeast infections because of antibiotic use
          ​​I have never, knock on wood, had a yeast infection, although had a UTI (once) from too much vacation sex

          so if it is genetic in any way, I dodged it


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