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Bartholin Cyst ! Help !

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    Bartholin Cyst ! Help !

    I developed a pea sized cyst on Christmas Eve and ever since it's gotten bigger and more painful. I am now on the 4th day of the cyst and I just want it to go away! I've tried a sitz bath but mainly I've been applying castor oil and tea tree oil to the cyst. This worked for maybe a minute. Then I tried some witch hazel which didn't work at all. I'm so tired of it and I'm beginning to feel depressed about it. It's so painful even to the slightest movement. Currently I am sitting completely still and there is still some sort of pain. I'm so tired of
    it so please if anyone has any tips to reduce the pain or even ways to pop it without actually poking it, I would really appreciate it.


    I can say that you are afraid. I see that you did not receive any feedback here. I had the Bartholin cyst twice. The last happened from August to September 2017. The first time I went through the doctor, but the last time I studied at home, and I had a lot of ideas and suggestions on this amazing forum. You need to buy a Sitz bath. For me it worked better than a bath. So I did not have to dive into the water. Use ordinary salt or sea salt, apple cider vinegar and as hot as you can tolerate water and massage the area while sitting in the bathroom. Now you complicate your period, I know that I had 2 periods with the last cyst. If you have time, please read my discussion about my experience, as honestly as possible. I spent a lot of money on different things to remove this thing, but I think the simplest ones can work, but I think that, no doubt, you need a chintz bath. I bought from my Walgreen store (pharmacy). I do not know if you are in the US or not. You got a lot of advice that I see, but please do not overload. As you can already tell, this is more often than you think. You need to talk to the doctor about it, since you are very young, and you need to buy something. Good luck and please keep us informed. We are all here for you.