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Thrush symptoms, negative swab

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  • Thrush symptoms, negative swab

    I hope someone here can help. For 2 months i have had symptoms i thought was vaginal thrush - itching, soreness inside and out, white discharge that is slightly clumpy, an unpleasant musty odour. Symptoms subside almost completely during my period, return straight after and get significantly worse after ovulation and week before my period. I took a Fluconazole pill but it didn't help. The dr gave me a swab to do myself, but the results came back saying negative for yeast but a possibility of group strep b. The nurse told me they have only queried the possibility and that it wasn't a definite diagnosis, and that GBS doesn't cause symptoms and is only treated in pregnant women. So she couldn't say what's causing my symptoms. I have had thrush before with the exact same symptoms, it was unresponsive to Fluconazole and Clotrimazole pessaries, but was identified on swabs as being a rare strain of yeast that is unresponsive to otc treatments. At the time my doc referred me to a gynaecologist but the referral went missing and i never chased it up because my symptoms disappeared on their own. Now symptoms are back and i was convinced it was the same thing returned because i left it untreated. Now i don't know what to think - the discharge and odour surely indicate an infection of some kind, but the swab was negative. I took the swab only 5 days after my period ended, when symptoms were mild. Last time when i got the rare yeast diagnosis, I did the swab at that time of the month, it was also negative, yet when i retested weeks later it was positive. So i wonder if the reason it was negative was because at that point in the cycle, the yeast was within "normal" levels? Or is it possible that group b strep is causing these symptoms even though that is highly unusual? What the hell is going on? (as far as i'm aware a general swab is tested for yeast, BV, strep and trichomonosis, they aren't individually tested for on different swabs, so i have not tested positive for any overgrowth except strep and even that is doubtful). I am not pregnant and i have never had any sexual activity of any kind, so no STD. My menstrual cycles are regular. Can anyone help?

  • Also, the odour is musty, NOT fishy.


    • Maybe you should consider gentian violet or at least research it to decide if it could be useful. It is very staining of everything it contacts.
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      • If I were you I'd first find out from the doctor for SURE what all you were tested for. My first response is that it sounds like BV but perhaps you were tested for that already.

        It could also be an allergic reaction to something you are using. Have you tried switching types of underwear? Ceasing the use of fabric softeners? Ceasing the use of any perfumed soaps and get something specifically PH balanced for the vaginal area?
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        • This is my GBS Overgrowth story, that started from July 2016. This has been haunting me ever since.

          My classic Symptoms:
          .Very thin, watery yellowish (sometimes lightly brownish discharge), that I could feel as well wet my panty and/or panty liner if I used one.
          .Unpleasant odor (I don't know what is "fishy" , but it is definitely not the usual healthy ever-so-lighhtly-acidic scent)
          .Slight itchiness. As time went on and not treated successfully, I would have felt more unpleasant itch (not as serious as if I had yeast) plus a burning sensation.

          Of course by now I am so familiar with the symptoms because of the re-occurrence I would know at an very early onset that it is "coming back".

          To cut my long treatment history short, I have tried everything under the star, including all kinds of treatments of yeast and bacterial infection, prescribed by my gynecologist. Note that the culture by the gynecologist did not show GBS overgrowth; now that I know she couldnt' do this at her clinic. Anyway, before she sent me to an infection specialist, I had ried Monistat (one day and 7 days) and Boric Acid suppositories or yeast. As a side note, although the Boric Acid suppositories did not cure my GBS, this is how I found out they are the BEST and Surest cure had I had yeast. I also tried Nystatin and Fluconazole for treatment of BV.

          Of course, I did not have either yeast or BV. I had to wait almost two months before I could have my first appointment with the infection specialist. While waiting for the result of my culture, I was given a much more aggressive dosage of Fluconazole, which did not help. My culture finally showed a heavy overgrowth of GBS. To my extreme disappointment, I was never treated. I was told that GBS existed everybody and it was perfectly fine to carry it. I certainly understand this, and I spent days and months and months doing my researches on line. But the fact of the problem is, when the overgrowth is causing me all those symptoms that was affecting my daily life, I cannot cheat myself and say "this is ok". My body is telling me this is not okay.

          I went to my general physician for help. He is not a gynecologist , but based on the lab's result that also had a note that said that BBS could be controlled by Penicillin, he gave me a round of it. Symptoms persisted during the course, and this also caused me yeast. Well I treated the yeast very easily with Monistat. But my GBS symptoms persisted.

          In the meantime upon all my researches I found Allicin Max, the garlic pills that some ladies wore by it that cured their GBS. I ordered them from the UK.. It has a highest and purest allicin in garlic and is anti viral, anti inflammatory and anti bacterial. I took high dosage for a month and finally the symptoms subsided.

          But the symptoms would come back a few months later. I went to another gynecologist. At the same time I found out from further researches that GBS is very difficult to cure. But medical researches showed that a very prolonged course of 4-6 weeks of Clydamycin 2% vaginal cream would work for some women. And after that, two more weeks of Clydamycin should continue to observe. HOWEVER, such reports also said that a big percentage of women would have a recurrence some time later. This was so discouraging. But I had no other way except to ask the doctor to give me a try. After those very many weeks of Clydamycin I was very happy that I was finally cured. In the mean time, on his advice, I was super careful to keep a balance flora: I have since been taking billions of good feminine probiotics daily, doing Apple Cider Vinegar douche, eating yogurt, having twice weekly vagifem.

          The GBS overgrowth would come back from time to time and I did my own Clindamycin and Allicin Max course.

          But recently (June 20p18) I had the flare up again. I dont have any more Clindamycin except two (1 course for each week.) Of course the short course didn't do enough (?) to cure it. To my utmost dismay, I revisited the many forums I visited before, and started looking at colloidal silver, that a few people were adamant how this had helped them. I was very skeptical at first, but after numerous research on the internet, and long story short, I tried as my last resort. I thought I'd have nothing to lose just to try. In a week, my symptoms miraculously disappeared - I think largely because of my intravaginal use.

          Everybody will have a different opinion on Colloidal Silver. I would leave this for individuals to do their own research. To my understanding Colloidal Silver is anti bacterial, anti viral, anti inflammatory, and anti fungal. But this is just my own story that I wanted to share. This is my second week of no symptoms. I wish I wish I wish I have indeed found my cure.


          • KayAy this is the same thing i am going through. I don't know what to do! I had thrush once before years ago, due to bathbombs i think? but this year since March I have gone through the exact same situation as yourself. At the end of May I went to the doctor, after my third recurrence after over the counter treatment seemed to be useless , and they took blood, did swabs, a smear test and an all round sexual health screening. All came back negative or with no issues. My symptoms then subsided for the whole of june and july until last week. The only thing that I think may be causing it is exercise? I stopped excessive training over that time and recently started back. I've read about "sports vagina" etc which causes thrush or infection. I find this strange though as I have always been into fitness, and it doesnt make sense that it would only start causing problems now? I took a pessary last week and the symptoms havent went away. I have bought another to use today and am praying it works. Im planning to take better steps with sports clothing, consuming more probiotics and all other things suggested. But Im dreading that this is something Im going to have to keep dealing with ! It's driving me insane!!


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