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Please help me: Is this normal or really weird??

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    Please help me: Is this normal or really weird??

    Please help me!

    This is painfully and incredibly embarrassing, but I'm going to try to be as clear as possible ^^;

    I'm 23 years old, but I've had this concern for a couple years now. From my point of view, the left part of my clitoris looks kind of "flabby," dark-ish, and is "longer" than the right part. The right part kind of looks "long" too, but not as bad as the left.
    Sometimes after I urinate, I notice that there's this "mushy" white-ish stuff on both of the outside parts of the clitoris (but it wipes off easily). Also, sometimes there's a strange odor, but it's not strong.

    Also, sometimes there's a lot of clear "goopy" stuff coming out of the vagina. That's vaginal discharge, right?

    Again, this is painfully embarrassing, but I figured I needed to figure it out at some point.

    It sounds to me like you have perfectly normal labia. So..............sigh of relief there right? Not every "set of lips" is the same and yours might be different than a girlfriends you've seen or a woman in a porn (many porn stars get labiaplasty to make their labia all look a certain way....), but what you've described sounds like a normal set to me.

    Are you on any hormonal birth control? If not, it sounds like the clear stuff you're referring to is cervical fluid, which happens around the time you ovulate each month and is also perfectly normal. It's actually a super magical fluid that helps women get pregnant! Definitely nothing icky or unnatural.

    As for the white mushy stuff, as long as it doesn't have a foul smell (we all know the difference between something that smells like normal vaginal smells and something that smells foul or fishy), I would just assume it is also a normal release. Just be sure you're cleaning your labia and clitoris well but gently, with non-perfumed soaps that promote a good ph balance.
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