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Yeast, bv or something else?

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  • Yeast, bv or something else?

    Hello ladies! I'm Dana- 31 years old, married, no kids and definitely not pregnant. It's my first time posting about anything like this... I'll try to include all the details I can. Around the 1st of the year I started feeling what I thought was either bv or yeast infection starting(itching, irritation, white discharge with no smell).I tried treating naturally with Epsom salt soaks and tea tree oil/coconut oil inserts. After about a week I only felt mild relief. I took a home yeast test, came back negative. A couple days later went to the doctor, negative bv and yeast tests. The doc prescribed an anti fungal cream (nystatin ) and inserts (vandazole). I dont like traditional medicine so I filled them but haven't used them as I'm scared if it's not yeast/bv it will make a yeast infection happen. So for the past 8 days I did more tea tree inserts and the itching, burning and discharge has gotten better but is still bothering me, especially at night and after exercise. I've now stopped the natural inserts for 2 days now, feeling about the same. I've struggled in the past from bv and yeast, normally cutting back sugar and tea tree helps but it's not going away this time! My husband and I haven't had sex in over 3 weeks, it's really stressing me out. I will include that I get periods every 3 weeks like clockwork and have really bad pre-menstration symptoms every time. My hormones must be jacked up cause my face looks like I'm 15 and my mood swings and cravings are horrible.I have Hpv and had a bout with precancerous cells in my cervix but I changed my entire lifestyle by eating healthier and exercising and after about about a year I had a clean pap! I am currently in a transition of living situation and haven't gotten a new gp or gynecologist. I have cut back my sugar, I'm chugging water, wearing only cotton undies, loose clothing, staying cool, not touching down there, wiping gently, staying clean, taking probiotics.... I dont know what else to do! I bought some boric acid inserts, haven't used them yet as I've never used them before and am a little nervous. I also ordered ph test strips, they arrive tomorrow. Is it possible I've made myself too basic and the yeast/bv treatments are actually prolonging this? Am I just going crazy? Am I just irritated from stress( we moved from NC to MS temporarily while we fix up an RV we bought to live in, once that's done we will be going to TX for jobs, probably in the next couple weeks). So I have definitely been more stressed than usual. I need help and truly appreciate any input yall can provide.

  • You may have done too much. For each of the "cures" you mention it would normally take at least a week to notice any type of relief if any. Your vagina and vulva are naturally cleansed by your normal body secretions. Sometimes these are more acidic than others, sometimes soothing and calming. The sides are divided with the boric acids suppositories. Some people claim great success others notice no difference. What I would suggest is using a cortisone cream externally to calm your lady bits down and break the itch cycle. Continue drinking a fair amount of water and drink cranberry juice to alleviate the internal inflammation.

    If these provide no relief in one week then see a doctor and request some betamethasone cream or Clobetasol cream, which is just more potent than the cortisone and they all are related.

    Let us know how things are. I do have another thought but don't want to scare you if the above works.
    That which we forget may as well never really happened.


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