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Hymenotomy for a Septate Hymen: Is it worth it?/Painful Pap Smears

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  • Hymenotomy for a Septate Hymen: Is it worth it?/Painful Pap Smears

    I was born with a septate hymen. It hasn't bothered me up until recently. I prefer pads over tampons, so that was never an issue, and I have no interest in sex or having children. However, once I started having pap smears is when the trouble started. Pap smears are incredibly painful for me. A specula has never worked, and having the gyno put in just her one finger was unbearable. I also had a vaginal ultrasound (since I also have endometriosis) and I literally screamed when it went in. It was the mostly painful thing I've ever experienced in my whole life.

    My gyno has suggested getting a hymenotomy to ease the pain of future pap smears and ultrasounds, but I'm wondering if the surgery is actually going to help? Has anybody who has had surgery on their hymen found their pap smears less painful?

    I don't want to get surgery if I'm not going to use tampons or have sex or kids, and then have the procedure not actually help with the pap smear pain.

    Does anyone else have trouble with pap smears? And were they related to your hymen or something else?

    Thank you!

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