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Does this sound like a Urinary Tract Infection?

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  • Does this sound like a Urinary Tract Infection?

    I'm a 23 year old female and I haven't been sexually active in a year. I believe I may have a urinary tract infection as my urine had a very foul smell two days ago. It smelled similar to garbage, now I think I should say I do NOT get any menstrual cycles due to my nexplanon birth control implant. I've had it in for over a year now with no problems. I don't experience regular spotting either. Going back to the foul smell my doctor recommended that I flush my system out with lemon water and peppermint tea before he writes me a prescription. You see, I told him that years ago I experienced pain on one side of my lower abdomen and that what cured me in a day or so was drinking lemon water. So, he suggested that I try that once more before medication. Again this was two days ago, as of today the foul smell is non existent and my urine is has become lighter from the peppermint tea with lemon and lemon water alone. Now, days before I noticed the foul smelling urine I had a little thick white discharge, it was similar to cottage cheese but there wasn't much and it was located in the vagina. As of today any discharge is pretty non existent. Now, since yesterday I've experienced this very slight soreness in my clitoris/inner labia area. I don't have any lumps or bumps and it's not painful to the touch but if I'm sitting or laying down I feel slight discomfort. Almost as if my clitoris/inner labia area is sore. There is NO PAIN during urination, NO PAIN right after urination and NO PAIN when I'm wiping myself clean. This feeling comes and goes and it doesn't stop me from proceeding with my day. In fact it doesn't even make me flinch but it is noticeable. I've also had some very slight cramping on my lower abdominal area that comes and goes and it is not nearly as frequent as the soreness I'm experiencing. Nor is it stopping me from proceeding on with my day. I don't even take anything for it. I heard that urinary tract infections can cause pain but I'm not experiencing much compared to what other women have. Again I feel sore, like I've been sitting on a bike or a wooden stool with curves. My doctor says if my symptoms don't improve in a week I should come back for a prescription. I also have to urinate often, sometimes once I'm out of the restroom I feel the urge to pee ten minutes later. Does this sound like a urinary tract infection? Also my vagina area as a whole does have an odor but it's not a foul smelling one. It smells like how a working organ would smell like. Not bad, not foul, and not sweet like candy, it's not noticeable either. I have to be hunched over on my back with my legs spread apart to smell anything. I honestly never masturbate so I don't really know what smell to expect, I'm never "down" there. I'm just asking for a second opinion with these symptoms what do you think is going on with my body? What does it sound like I have?

  • You could have a bladder infection which would account for the aroma, frequency of urination and pain. You also could have a bit of a yeast infection. It's hard to tell. Women have their own odor or aroma. It will always be there and keeping clean is the best protection from it becoming a foul smell. I'm wondering if you are being "too" in-tuned to what is happening down there.
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    • Hmm, well, I don't blame the doctor for thinking it could be a UTI considering your symptoms. I suppose it could also be bacterial vaginosis which often has no symptoms other than odd odor. The odds seem higher for it to be a UTI though.

      In regards to what Claret said, we have a super informative article on vaginal odor that I think you should read: https://www.womens-health.com/bad-va...auses-remedies

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