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I don't feel like a woman anymore...

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  • I don't feel like a woman anymore...

    I don't exactly have menopause or atleast I don't think I'm starting menopause.. I guess I never realised that I may have some serious hormonal problems unitl after I had my little girl, she is 9mths old. I breast fed for 5 mths so I barely ever had a period but I've noticed that since my periods have come back I have this vagueness and my head feels like it's in a vice 24-7. I get really bad mood swings and PMS, I get body aches, my back gets really sore, my bones crack when I move and I have developed really bad facial hair all over my face. The hair on my head has thinned out so much that if i lose anymore i'm afraid I will end up with no hair in 12mths. I feel tired, fatigued and totally unmotivated for anything. I'm only 29 in two months time and I think why is this happening to me, I mean I used to be reasonably attractive and physically fit but now when I look in the mirror I hardly recognise myself, I always look red in the face and have a puffiness that I told doctors about but they said it was all in my head, my skin has become thin and I can rub up against something even lightly and my skin scrapes off. My features have become extremely masculine and the facial hair is so bad that I'm waxing nearly twice a week and then plucking every day. I really don't feel like a woman anymore, my partner doesn't understand why I don't feel like sex anymore, but I just don't feel good about myself. If i get treatment will these symptoms get better or am I stuck with the undesirable ones like facial hair and looking like a guy for life???

  • Wow! Sorry to hear that. Have you seen an endocrinologist (doc specializing in hormonal stuff) yet? If not, I'd do that as soon as pos. Bloodwork may be able to 1) find problems and maybe point to a treatment or 2) find all is 'normal' and ease yr mind.


    • I can relate to the vaugeness and 24/7 vice grip feeling but at 29 i would really go see a Doc and get some blood work done to see whats going on.I,m 51 and going through Menopause so i can easily say my symptoms are probably normal but your symptoms just dont seem normal for your age and just having a baby.I would write down everything you are experiencing and take it with you and dont let them tell you "its normal"
      Good luck.


      • Thank you, I was uncertain of the sort of specialist I should see so I'm glad I know where to go from here. Not feeling much better today, I feel really tired and hazy. I just want this feeling to go away. I'm happy that there is some support out there because before joining this forum I really did feel like I was the only one going through this.. I felt very alone, I mean I haven't even spoken to my partner about how I'm feeling.


        • No estrogen. Get you vitamin D and get your sexy back.


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