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  • Vonny - I have been reading through your thread and also through all the really supportive and encouring answers you have had. This is just to wish you luck - everyone else has said it all! The only thing I would suggest is that if you feel you are truely suffering from clinical depression do go and get professional/medical help. It will only be in the short term and you will feel more able to cope. Keep talking to us - a good chat always helps! X


    • thankyou, I will write a letter and hope it helps with my feelings etc. I think he does sense my pain and yes i do understand that this may effect affection given to me.

      I am having problems before my periods now with going totally irrational, I get over anxious, worry, cannot sleep and get IBS all just before my period, I am SCARED as I was too worried about a new job I had found and now I am jobless again. I feel all this is linked to my hormones, I had bllod tests that were ok and going to see the doc tomorrow, I cannot go on like this. I think I am depressed at the moment.


      • Thanks, it has been a hard road to travel and I just havnt know how to deal with it but will try make the most of my life without children. I think I may have become depressed cos it is hard to deal with and its not going to be easy. I suppose its the loss Im grieving and now I can only just recognize this writing it!!!!!!! when that is a breakthrough! I just must remember to pick myself up when I get down. I dont think the other irrational stuff i am having is related though, and I dont need it, I have let a job go and now I am trying to pick up the pieces!!!!!!! does anyone know if this can happen before the menopause? thanks


        • It sounds like you need to find your passion. What are you interested in? What subjects get you to perk up your ears and want to know more? What do you love doing?
          Stress can do all sorts of things to you. Do you exersize? A good hard session that gets you sweating can really help if you do it regularly. Go volunteer some place for a while until you are employed. It will get you out of the house and doing something besides stressing.


          • Get some estrogen cream to get your sexy back.


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