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Menopause symptoms at 43

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  • Menopause symptoms at 43

    I hope this doesn't get double-posted. I typed in a message, tried to post it and I never did get confirmation it went through, just a blank page.

    My name is Tina and I am 43. This is a list of the symptoms I have been experiencing and they have all kind of come on over a period of time but the severity has increased recently:

    Hot flashes. I don't get soaked from head to toe like a lot of other people do, but I feel sweaty and gross from my neck up.
    Cold chills without any hot flashes. I had one of those last night and it felt like the kind of chills that are associated with a fever!
    Tingling in extremedies that comes and goes. I usually feel it in the AM. It doesn't last long.
    Heart palpitations in the AM, sometimes before I go to bed. Almost feels like I drank too much caffeine. No shortness of breath associated with them, though.
    Incontinence. If I don't obey the urge to go immediately, I can pretty much count on having an accident since my body justs want to let loose the urine. Can't tell you how many times I've gone to the bathroom in the middle of the night or coming home from work and barely made(or didn't make) it!!
    Flu like body aches that travel throughout my upper body, back and shoulders.
    Indigestion, gas, belching. I don't get tummy aches, but if I eat something bad for me then I am bloated and belching almost immediately. If I have the indigestion, I can pretty much count on having the body aches afterwards.
    Irregular periods, of course. Sometimes, I'm 28 days, others 32, 23, 35. I almost had a couple of accidents at work earlier this year. Last month I was a full 5 days early.

    One night when I was having a really scary hot flash with heart palps, I took a cold glass of water, sat at my computer for a half hour and calmed down and within that half hour I was able to relax, let the symptoms subside and go back to sleep. That little voice inside my head told me it was merely menopause and not something worse. On taking the time do to some more research I realized there are many other women going through the same things I am.

    I don't want to do HRT, but prefer a more natural approach that doesn't have dangerous or unwanted side effects. I've been thinking about totally changing my diet and possibly going on natural progesterone cream or bioidentical hormone therapy.

    I welcome any suggestions.
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  • Hi Tina

    Hi Tina!

    I am hoping that you are in the same category with me. I am 44.7 years old and I think I am peri-meno. Its been really bad these last few months. Lately its been the flulike achines in my neck shoulder and upper arms. This just started last month land its DAILY now. Feels literally like I am coming down with a flu without a fever and I am having to start taking Motrin so I can sleep some nites.

    I pray you have these same symptoms,

    Look forward to hearing from you



    • Hi girls, I am 43 and lots of problems that I've posted before on other topics (above this topic so you can read) and my advise for you is to go and see a professional acupuncturist that can help you restore your menses or alleviate the symptoms you have and won't get rid of them in 2-3 years....


      • Hi Tina,

        You are absolutely right about changing your diet. Start by keeping a daily journal of what you eat and drink, after a week - look at what you are feeding your body. I am now 47, but between the ages of 37-40 I was a hormonal mess! The solution given to me by my doctor was birth control pills, SORRY, not for me. BCP's are worse than HRT therapy, some of the same ingredients, at higher doses. I had all the symptoms that you have described and many more.. I was plagued with breast and ovarian cysts. After seeing many doctors and getting the same response, I finally found a good doctor(MD). He took the time to listen to me and together we decided I would start making changes to my diet and we would monitor my blood work every 6 months.

        I started eliminating stimulants one at a time: Caffeine and refined sugars are the biggest culprits, these were my two best friends. After 1 month of being free of caffeine and "refined" sugar, my cysts were gone. My energy level was so much better and I was experiencing less hot flashes and night sweats.

        Then I had to start adding things to my diet: FATS, A MUST HAVE! As women when tend to run away from fat in fear of gaining weight. Weight gain is from over consumption, not fat. Essential Fats are "ESSENTIAL" to our health, we need good fats especially for our hormones. Cholesterol is an important component for the manufacture of bile acids, steroid hormones, and several fat-soluble vitamins. The low fat - high carbohydrate diets are not good for our body's overall health and balance.

        Next came exercising: I have always exercised but decided to change it up a little, I decided to slow down. I went from an hour a day to 30 minutes and didn't do anything that wasn't fun! Do you remember jumping on a trampoline when you were younger? That's what I was looking for, so I bought a trampoline for outside and a mini-trampoline for inside, what a workout. It is a blast and an excellent exercise for stimulating the lymphatic system. It also helps with urinary incontinence.

        By making these few changes I was able to get my hormones back in balance. It has been 7 years now, no hot flashes, no night sweats, no cysts, and no crazy me. If you don't address the underlying issue, it will not be resolved. Medication just treats the symptoms. Being healthy isn't hard, you just have to take the time to learn what your body needs. Good Luck!

        Before you talk about what you want ~ Be happy with what you have


        • Hi Tina,

          I'm 38 and am starting to have night sweats and irregular periods. I've been researching online and found there are a lot of women who experience these symptoms as an early menopause but it is really an underlying stress issue effect the reproductive system.
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          • Hi Bridget:
            Thanks for the reading and advise. I am new on here searching for answers. I am 42, three kids 18,16 and 9 and my tubes are tied. About 3 months ago I started bleeding heavy and for about 20 days out of the month, cramping and back pain. I was able to get an ultra sound at the county hospital ( my job doesnt offer medical and I dont qualify for state medical insurance for the poor) anyhow, the nurse called me yesterday and told me I have cysts on my Cervix so i asked her how many and what size ans she told me she didnt know. I asked her if I could calll or email the doctor and she said no. So here I sit, uninsured and no one to help. I cant believe the Doctor wouldnt just call me to explain but whatever. So Ive been researching on diet and things of this matter so try and heal myself cause I cant bleed like this, it is affecting my life, exersise, emotion,sex everything. Do you think I should shop strictly organic food? What do I eat when I go out to eat , salad? Someone told me to take apple cider viniger each day also. I just want these cysts to go away so i can get back to a normal menstral flow. Any suggestions.?



            • OH.. Bridget, so you say to cut out sugar does that mean starch, rice , noodles stuff like that too? Doesnt that turn into sugar in the body after consumed?



              • Hi Lisa,

                Did they run any blood tests or do a PAP test on you? I would call the hospital back and request a copy of the ultrasound results, you need the report to completely understand their findings.

                The level of health care offered to uninsured individuals is disgraceful to say the least! It is always best to buy organic but it can be very expensive. The worst fruits and vegetables as far as high pesticide levels are:


                I always try and buy these local and organic but not always possible. Just do your best..

                Apple cider vinegar has been around for thousands of years and even mentioned in the bible as an antiseptic and healing agent. It has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. It is also very good for urinary tract infections for humans and animals. If you want to take a spoonful everyday just mix it in a glass of water or add it to your favorite salad.

                As far as cutting the sugar out of your diet: Start by getting rid of the refined sugar products - soda, bottled juices and sweet treats. Try eating brown rice, whole grain bread and pasta. Little changes can make a big difference.

                Most of the food we eat turns into glucose. Glucose fuels our body. I hope this is helpful.

                Before you talk about what you want ~ Be happy with what you have


                • Hi Tina, The best way to alleviate menopause symptoms is the natural way. Last fall, I went through nerve racking mood swings and hot flashes. I was desperate and lost my composure. I discovered Femestra, an herbal supplement with Gamma Oryzanol an antioxidant that helps alleviate menopause symptoms.
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                  • 43 and menopausel

                    Just been reading some of your post. I am 43 and going through the menopause. I have feelings of helplessness and not being able to cope. As I am writing this I'm crying like a baby. The doctor confrimed on thurdays what I already knew, i'm menopausal. She has given me HRT, however only for 3 months, as I expressed I didn't want to take this long term. After reading some of your post I think I'll try some. I do take fish oil on a regular bases and go spinning 3 times a week. So think this might have helped a bit. Its just the emotional side, just crying for no reason. Walking into shops and seeing baby clothers and knowing that this part of my life is over, its so heart renching. Just hope I feel better soon.


                    • I don't blame you for not wanting to do conventional HRT. It can be dangerous and lead to accelerated growth in cancer cells. As far as changing your diet goes, that isn't going to do much to stop the symptoms of menopause because menopause starts due a decline in your normal hormones. HRT is dangerous because they are giving you horse hormones and you don't have to be a rocket scientist (or a medical dr) to know that horse hormones aren't the same as human hormones. Bio identical hormone replacement therapy is the best and safest option. BHRT uses hormones that are exactly identical to those produced by the human body. This type of treatment can eliminate hot flashes and many other symptoms of a lack of declining estrogen levels. I've worked with a company called Atlantic Anti Aging for the past 3 years and I would recommend them to anyone suffering from menopause symptoms. I struggled with hot flashes for a few years before starting my treatment with Atlantic Anti Aging. Atlantic Anti-Aging Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy hCH Diet Medical Weight Loss HGH Low T Testosterone Therapy


                      • JodiFit - I find this fascinating... You stated:

                        As far as changing your diet goes, that isn't going to do much to stop the symptoms of menopause because menopause starts due a decline in your normal hormones.
                        This is what your affiliate link states on the about page...

                        In addition to helping you maintain your maximal health through diet, nutrition and lifestyle choices.
                        Which is it? Does ones diet help with menopause symptoms or not?

                        Before you talk about what you want ~ Be happy with what you have


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