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Hormone Replacement Therapy

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  • Hormone Replacement Therapy

    Can anyone provide me with information on their experience using hormone replacement therapy? I am considering it, despite its risks, and want to know what doseage anyone might have been on, whether their symptoms improved, how long they were on HRT, etc. etc. I am just looking for feedback from anyone.
    Also, if anyone has tried alternative therapies that have worked, I 'd love to hear about that as well.


  • I would consult a doctor about anything of this nature.
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    • Not sure what your symptoms are that you are considering supplementiona, however I recommend only using natural hormone supplementation. I personally use natural progesterone all month long and I feel awesome! I don't think it is ever necessary to use estrogen supplementation as we come in contact with a ton of the fake estrogen in our environment. Excess estrogen causes horrible problems so I would personally steer far away from that - even if a doc recommends it. There are a lot of symptoms that will diminish with natural progesterone such as headaches, hot flashes, loss of libido, cramps, edema.....I can go and on. I would start with a saliva test to see where you are at...
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      • Hi teaching gal, I am also interested in bioidentical hormone treatments, has anyone tried it. I have read about the progesterone creams and it all sounds good, but I would like to see if anyone else has tried before I buy the cream online. Thank you.


        • I do use the biodentical hormones ....but I did have a blood test to confirm that I was actually deficient. I get the creams from a compounding pharmacy. I have never ordered any online. They work well for me.


          • Thank you for your feedback Dream. I suppose a test is the next step, I am anxious to get some relief from the constant headaches and feeling lethargic. Do you use estrogen and progesterone?


            • Hormone pellet therapy

              Originally posted by godessnomore View Post
              Thank you for your feedback Dream. I suppose a test is the next step, I am anxious to get some relief from the constant headaches and feeling lethargic. Do you use estrogen and progesterone?
              I recently had a bunch of bloodwork done and I will be going in the new year to try hormone pellet therapy. She wants to try testosterone because she says my levels are way off?! Still unsure about that-but she is going to do estrogen to try and quell the migraines that are happening waaaayyyy to often. I will report back once I get them!

              She says low testosterone is often the cause of the lethargic feeling. If anyone out there has had testosterone I would love some advice!

              Have a blessed day....


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