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Reversing Menopause wit Melatonin

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  • Reversing Menopause wit Melatonin

    I found a research about Melatonin and menopause Doctor Walter Pierpaoli reversed menopause with Melatonin in woman without cycle for 2 years they got they period back and become fertile again
    they been token Melatonin for 6 months every night at the same time
    Am using it now I been diagnostic with menopause am 39 years old no kids my period stop 1 year ago
    I contacted doctor Pierpaoli and he told me to use it this is my hope I put all my faith in this Please let me now if you guys make any research about this

  • I have made some research but there is nothing I can trust...anyways...I am 43 and my last period was in May.I did acupuncture last year and everything was great (I am in Calgary,Canada and I have a very professional acupuncturist) but I thought that is time to stop and help my periods come with progesterone(cause I had a deficiency in this hormone).Since May I haven't had any period and I've started having symptoms of menopause that turned and still turning my life upside down.I went to the family doctor and took blood tests that showed that I am in menopause....and because of the hormonal imbalance I've developed a fibroid that is 1 cm. Last week I have returned to my acupuncturist and I showed her the results and she started the therapy and the medication,assuring me that she will help me to have my periods back because there are only 4 months without menses(everyone things that is because of too much stress,which I agree...this year was for me) and also get rid of that fibroid.I am taking Evening Primrose and vitamin E that also help in having back periods. I am taking Melatonin because I have troubles sleeping,but I am afraid in taking this medication every single night. I've read that it can help,but what about the side effects?


    • If you want to check into research about anything medically relevant about melatonin and menopause the best source to begin with would probably be a journal site where they publish all of their research findings. I use NCBI and PubMed for all my research and avoid the blogs.
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