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Anyone using Vagifem hormone replacement?

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  • Anyone using Vagifem hormone replacement?

    I have been using this for 2 years, inserting it twice a week.
    Has anyone else used it and what are you comments.
    I am 58 years old .I know that the lining of the vagina , bladder
    areas can get dry and then infections set in if you are low
    on hormones..I have a friend who had breast cancer and is on nothing
    for the areas and she is having uti infections and bv constantly and together
    due to the lack of hormones in her bladder area and vagina..

    I have not had cancer and need the hormone in that area..

    What are your experiences with vagifem?
    Like it, do the job for you or not?
    Something else you like better to keep from atrophy of the vagina and bladder
    due to dryness ? Sheri

  • Is anyone using any probiotic or anything to keep the bacterial infections or BV from happening often that comes with menopause
    and the change of the PH in the vagina..even if you are taking hormones or using vagifem like me?
    I am at wits end...I had the infections of BV before menopause and now more so since menopause...
    I have used Flagyl which makes us all sick for a week at a time...then metrogel at times which did not work and burns inside,
    Clindesse one day applicator and had a horrific adverse reaction to that...

    I now use Rephresh twice weekly, femdolphilus probiotic, and another probiotic...daily... and when I have been diagnosed with BV at the doctor
    I have to take the flagyl again...
    What else can I do?
    Thanks Sheri


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