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Peri or full-fledged menopause?

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  • Peri or full-fledged menopause?

    Hi, I'm new to the forums here but came in search of it for good reason!

    I'm 42 and over the past couple of years, I've noticed changes, but the last 2 months have been really weird to say the least. The last time I had my cycle was the beginning of October and it was 2 days and excrutiating to say the least. Now, I'm more than 2 weeks late with no sign of that visitor, but I am experiencing bad symptoms: I can't seem to sleep through the night...waking up with sweats, then freezing, I've had chills (feeling feverish) earlier in the week...constant headaches...dizzy...indigestion and belching unbelievably bad...forgetfulness has gotten worse...and concentration is BAD (not good when going to college). The waking up every hour or more (so it seems) is really taking its toll on me, not to mention my DH who has to work 9 hour days at the shipyard Is this pre, peri, or full-fledged menopause I have come upon? I have started taking Estroven, been on it since this past weekend and feel a little better, but the sleep problem is getting to me and causing problems in the marriage
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  • Hi Emerald girl,

    I too have went through this mine was surgery induced however...and it sounds like you're in the peri menopausal stage....full blown menopause is when your cycles have completely stopped for 1 year or more...I myself am having crazy hot flashes 24/7 now after going through peri-menopause stage with minimum hot flashes for 2 years...I've been in full menopause for about 2 years now...Total of 4 years...I would definitely see your Doctor to have a blood test to find out if menopause is starting for you...That was how mine was offically diagnosed, even though I pretty much knew it already...Good luck to you in the upcoming future


    • I haven't had my period since July of 2009. I've been stubborn about getting myself checked this year by a OBGYN. But I started having those same symptoms 3 weeks ago and didn't know what was going on. I thought I had the flu at first, but no fever. I've been crying and depressed and full blown anxiety where I went to the ER twice and Urgent care once and they were giving me EKG's, muscle relaxants and anxiety shots. I didn't think about menopause until I went to my primary care physician the other day and the nurse asked me if I had a heart problem. I said no, and she said I had heart palpitations. Then she asked me about my period and some other symptoms I was having. She smiled at me and said she thinks I was going through menopause but I needed to talk to my doctor. So that's where I'm at... the hormone tests have been ordered and I am waiting for confirmation. In the meantime.... what do I do? can anyone help me. I feel like I can't even function. I've been at home from work for over 3 weeks cause I feel like I'm afraid to drive. Should I just take the anxiety pills and see what happens. help!!!


      • Diet, diet, diet.
        It's very important to eat right. Cut back on sugars, refined flours, processed foods. Get any dairy or beef that could have BGH in it out of your life.
        Start yoga or some meditation if you don't already. You need to do some stress reduction and mangement.
        Thyroid can get out of wack at this time and be responsible for a lot of your woes, if you have insurance you should have that checked.

        I'm 53, had a D&C and ablation due to non stop bleeding two years ago. My doctor who is about my age and has been dealing with all the change too, says that a lot of it is stress more than anything else. Think about what is going on at this time in your life. Kids are growing or gone, you are making changes, an SO may be a bit "mid life-ish" , people around you and maybe you, are financially stressed. There is a lot of stuff on or around your plate. I've noticed that when my sugar intake goes up, so do the weirdneses and when I'm happy I don't really get hot flushes but when I'm down or stressed they really go to town.

        Orgasms help too. So work on more of those. Get your SO to help one way or another if possible - men often like to be helpful and do things they can be appreciated for, so give him an opportunity. If you have to get him a book on oral or something different. LOL.


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