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please resd,any advice would be welcomed:)

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  • please resd,any advice would be welcomed:)

    hello,i have been posting on the cancer forum but im not so sure what is happening, so il post on here to see if anyone else has experianced my symptons going through meno,well im 36,i have 3 children,ive never been on birth control pills,for the last 4 months iv been getting this pink tinged watery vaginal discharge,constantly everyday,its quite heavy and i have to wear a panty liner so my underwaer stays dry,i have no other symptons,well as you can tell im realy worried, so i made an app with my gyn,she sent me 4 an internal scan but that all looked fine,so then i had std tests,had the nurse look at my cervix,said all looked fine and my std tests came back fine,so referd back to my gyno who did a full blood count,that woz also fine,so she wanted me to have a histeroscopy and an endemitrial biopsy so went into hospital had that done all came back fine,i had my last smear test about 17 months ago wich woz fine,although i have had abnormal cells since i woz 16,and had lots ov laser treatment,but for the last 6 years my smears have been fine,so i have an apointment 2 go back to hospital on the 21st for a colposcopy and biopsy of the cervix,also when i have a bowl movement i bleed varginaly,and also beed after sex,anyway i would appreciate anyone with the same symptons or anyone with any advice,to give me any informathion,im so worried its cervical cancer,im in such a mess atm i cant sleep or eat,sorry for the long post,and thank you for taking your time to read xxxxhugsxxxx

  • well 29n veiws and not 1 reply


    • Not all veiwers are registered member and so can't reply.
      I did read it and really can't think of anything to say. You are under a doctor's care, all the tests are coming back negative. The only thing I can think of is have a different doctor, I always use a female GYN, go over everything and see if they have any different ideas.


      • http://www.womens-health.com/boards/...er-scared.html

        Hun, you have 25 posts on the above one, there is no point starting it all over again, go back to your original thread and post there, for further questions and answers...

        Thread closed.



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