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  • Helpless!!

    I'm 43 y/o and had a hystorectomy(one ovary left) about 10 years ago due to cervical cancer. I got thrown into menopause fairly soon after my surgery and have been batteling menopause for the last almost 5-7 years now with no signs of relieve =( I don't take HRT since i'm worried that it might cause me to have cancer again and therefore resort to herbal remedies for all the symptoms menopause brought me. I'm always tired and have no energy but the last 9 month have been pure !!! I had went on a diet (hcg) to lose some of this accumulated extra weight and even thou the weight loss was somewhat slow i still lost almost 30 lbs and felt great. Immediatley after the diet was over i noticed my stomache being very sensitive to alot of things (wheat, dairy..) that i had been able to eat before but i figured thats just my bodies way of readjusting. I have been eating very healthy and avoid sugar and starches like its the plague but even with all my restrictions and healthy ways of eating i still keep gaining weight which really frustrates me cause i've given up soo many things just to keep my weight down but nothing works =( i have horrible hot flashes and the night sweats are driving me slowly insane!!! I have tried just about any remedy and herb there is but nothing seems to help.....it's helpless!!! Its come to the point were i yet again don't want to go on the scale cause i'm afraid i just about regained all the weight i lost on the diet which of course breeds even more anxieties in me. Would love to hear from other that went though something similar and found help.

  • Get a copy of The Wisdom of Menopause. I think you will find that Dr Northrup addresses many of your areas of concern.


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