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I don't really feel like having sex with my husband

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  • I don't really feel like having sex with my husband

    Hi ladies,

    I’ve recently been experiencing less and less enthusiasm when it comes to the sex department. I’m going through menopause and it’s affecting my body in crazy ways. Are you the same? Is your sex drive stuck in neutral?

    Well, I’ve been looking into how to take the wheel and put your libido back in gear.

    I read that a woman’s sexual drive peaks in her forties but for me, menopause threw a serious spanner in the works. Certain menopausal symptoms can have serious effects on a woman’s libido and sex life.

    I was thankful to learn that lack of libido is one of the most common symptoms of menopause. In fact, between 20% and 45% of menopausal women complain of a decreased sex drive.

    Hormonal changes have really affected my body and mind. Some factors really affect sexual desire - like vaginal dryness or bladder control problems, sleep deprivation, weight gain, medications and other health concerns. I’ve also been experiencing mood swings, stress, depression and anxiety. The psychological side of things is also a huge factor: I find I’m just not in the mood.

    There aren’t any effective drugs on the market at the moment which specifically target sexual problems during menopause BUT:

    Vaginal dryness, for example, can be treated fairly easily and effectively with water-soluble lubricants. Sexual positions that allow us ladies to control the depth of penetration can be helpful and I recommend taking a warm bath before sex! Maybe even get your man to wash your back smile This has really helped me.

    Let me know if you’re experiencing the same! Take care ladies xx
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  • Well I have a little trouble with less than normal lubrication levels at times but... I do have to admit that may have as much to do with me not staying well hydrated. I have noted that if I make an effort to drink plenty of water it isn't a problem. My libido did drop a bit but I'd been through a very painful, prolonged emotional break up and I think that had an effect. Now that I am in a new relationship with a very attentive and caring man, its starting to perk up quite a bit. I do think that our emotional state is huge in this and this time in our lives there tends to be a lot of changes, not just for us but for those around us. Expectations play a role too. Right now I'm looking into diet, I just got the Hormone diet book and am hoping to update my understanding of diet and hormonal balance as we mature.


    • Get your vitamin d checked and use estrogen and progesterone cream.


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