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Intermittent discharge - so scared

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  • Intermittent discharge - so scared

    Hi I'm 68 and have been getting a slight browny/red discharge every couple of weeks for about 2 months. A year ago I had a hysteroscopy and an MRI for bleeding but nothing was found except for a fibroid which I've had for 20 years. The bleeding was just due to dryness and a too-vigarous wash down below!! The hysteroscopy hurt me so much. I was in agony. Now I'm getting this discharge I've convinces myself it's cancer and I'm not sleeping. Just terrified all day every day. I've had 2 swabs taken at my doctor's and they came back negative. So there's no infection. But it could be cancer couldn't it? I know you'll say to go back to my gp and I will have to. But I'm dreading that hysteroscopy again. Has anyone else on here had such a discharge many years after the menapause? I am TERRIFIED. Please write to me if yu can help me. Thank you x

  • Women get a discharge all the time regardless of whether or not they are capable of a period. Sometimes that uterine lining sheds a bit for real reason, this is going to cause the brown discharge. It will not be cancer unless your doctor says it is cancer. There is no need to worry unless the doctor says so.
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