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i have questions...help!

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  • i have questions...help!

    so.. here is my story. stopped my periods abruptly in april 2009 ( age 52) . no problems! perfect! just stopped and i was in awe of how easy that was! exactly 1 year later, i started to get hot flashes so incredibly severe every 45 minutes , night and day...cannot describe the devestation this created.why would this happen?Finally was bawling my eyes out with each hot flash and not slept in months. Went to dr in absolute desperation and was put on bioidentical hormones( did NOT want to do this!)but i was left with now options. hot flashes are gone and sleeping now! however, the daily struggle with severe anxiety since this all started is beyond words. been to hospital 2 times with panic attacks (thought i was dying!) and a trip on and off paxil because it did not work. I am barely functioning due to anxiety. I know anxiety can be part of menopause, but when does it end ? If i am taking bioidentical hormones, am i just prolonging menopause? i am not sure about any of this. i have read that anxiety can be temporary during menopause... but what the hec does that mean? if i cannot find a solution soon...i will be done, won.t be able to work or participate in anything . anybody offer any suggestions or similar experiences would be soooo appreciated!

  • Hot flashes, mood swings, panic attacks, night sweats are few common symptoms of menopause that most women in the west go through. Its quite different in the east. Rice Bran is a staple in the Asian region and research has shown that women there go through the transition smoothly. The women there have not even heard of these symptoms. It is all because Rice Bran contains more than 100 Vitamins and minerals and an antioxidant called Gamma Oryzanol . This medicinal value of Rice Bran makes it easier for women in Asian Region. Now , Rice Bran supplements have been encapsulated in liquid form and is available in North America.


    • I suggest that you start educating yourself about menopause. The book, The Wisdom of Menopause, is a good place to start. Check in your area for places such as compounding pharmacies, they often offer educational talks and alternatives to the common drugs. I was put on premarin for 2 days and took myself off because it was turning me into a basket case.

      Meditation, exercise and and diet changes are often all that is needed. I've found that organic soy products help and regular (frequent) sex also help.


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