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Itchy spots

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  • Itchy spots

    Hi there everyone,

    Can anyone help me help my mum. She has come up in lots of spots and has had the for a good four months or more. they are very itchy and just keep coming up and scabbing. They're causing her so much stress and are so uncomfortable. Can anyone recommend some sort of herbal medicine or anything!!

  • It would be very difficult to determine what they are over the internet. Her best bet would be to see a doctor or a dermatologist to determine what they are. They could simply be a contact dermatitis or it could be shingles. To help sooth the itching a gentle wash followed by a chylamine lotion would be calming. Don't use anything with perfumes in the soaps or in any detergent you use to wash your clothes. Double rinse the clothing and do not use any fabric softner.
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    • If its shingles it will be on only one side of her body. An allergy could be at contact points or all over or anywhere. If Benadryll or any other antihistamine helps then it is a reaction to something.

      If it is shingles she needs to take chocolate and nuts out of her diet entirely, they are high in l-arginine, an amino acid which is good and necessary for health but it creates a cellular environment that is more favorable for the virus to reproduce. Viruses don't reproduce on their own, they use our cell to do so. Then she would need to take another amino acid l-lysine in large quantities to create an environment in her body that is not favorable for the virus. The dosage is 100 mg per 30 lbs of body weight at least twice a day. I have had shingles twice. I have gotten them on my face which is very dangerous because it can cause blindness in both eyes even though the virus is on one side. I've used the l-lysine and diet change to stop them from reoccurring, once you are familiar with what it feels like when a flare up starts it is very recognizable. Doctors can give a combination of anti viral medicine and steroids for shingles but to be effective it has to be started early on.

      Itching might be relieves by hydrotheraphy. She should get in the shower and alternate between completely cold water and the hottest water she can safely tolerate, stay under each temp long enough to get the entire body (at least 30 seconds) change temperatures at least 13 times ending with cold. The itching is over stimulated nerves and this will essentially excite them and then calm them, kind of like resetting them. This is something she can do as needed to be more comfortable.

      If you have access to medical care she should go in and at least find out what this is.


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