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Itching during menopause

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  • Itching during menopause

    I have been in menopause for 6 yrs. I have tried several different hormones from my doctor but they caused heavy periods so I opted to not take hormones & deal with the hotflashes. I heard itching is a symptom of menopause. Lately, I have been experiencing itching all over my body including my scalp, face, neck, back, chest, stomach, & legs. It has interferred with my sleep. Has anyone experienced the itching & if so, what did you do to help this problem?

  • I experienced this problem, but not as severely as you seem to. However, it did occur on occasion, usually with flashing accompanying it.

    Keep your skin well hydrated (purchase a high quality lotion for this or use wheat germ oil) and apply right after shower/bath when skin is still a bit moist. Your skin craves moisture and changes are happening during Meno that cause some issues with nerve endings etc and keeping skin hydrated will help with that. Coconut oil is also excellent at diminishing the itching.

    Also, talk to a Dr to make certain that the itching is not caused by something else. You said no HT and I can understand that bc I did a stint of HT myself. The HT did help with itching and flashes, but I worried about the long term effects, so I only used it for about 8 months. When I stopped, I restarted the peri experiences, so I saved myself nothing, though my symptoms were never awful. I did not feel younger, stronger, happier, or sexier on HT, so why use it? JMVVVVHO!!! Good Luck, cocooned (Linda)


    • Thanks Linda for your info. I have tried lotions, baby oil after shower but it doesn't help. I feel like it is something inside out. I have a dr appt in 2 days


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