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Hormone Replacement - Vivelle Dot...alternates??

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  • Hormone Replacement - Vivelle Dot...alternates??

    Hi All,
    I came across this website and read some posts here so I joined to get some suggestions and help! I had a full hysterectomy 3 months ago and my Dr. put me on the Vivelle dot patch 0.05mg every 3-days. I’ve been experiencing severe anxiety following the initial application, then the second day agitation, but the third day is somewhat ok, but then the cycle starts all over again...UGH! I’m having a lot of trouble sleeping and cold-like symptoms. I’m starting to wonder if I’d be better off without the patch and hormone replacement in general. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Please help!

  • I just started Vivelle dot 0.05 as well. I am on my first patch and am supposed to change today. I haven't had any serious side effects so far, other than it takes an unusual amount of time to climax, with maximum effort. (Had the issue too when my estrogen levels dropped) Before I started the patch it was not this much of an issue. I suppose my body got used to the lower estrogen level. My guess is the side effects for me and maybe you as well are coming from a new level of estrogen being put in our body. Since my level was extremely low I'm hoping it's just an adjustment period for my hormones to balance back out, and once that happens things will go back to normal. Maybe this is the same for you. I'm not sure how long it takes for someone to adjust. I know I'd like sooner than later! Have you tried liquid melatonin 3.5 mg? That has been a life saver when I have insomnia nights. I think the cold like symptoms are a side effect of the patch. I have heard it can take a while to get used to new medicines. I have a follow up with my endo in four months and you best believe if my side effect hasn't improved I'm going to tell her and demand a solution. If you keep having problems I would definitely talk to your doctor.


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