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Hot flashes getting worse

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  • Hot flashes getting worse

    I had a full hysterectomy (including ovaries) in 2005. Not currently on hormone replacement. I hadn't been sexually active in about 7 years. Recently started having sex on a regular basis. My hot flashes have gotten way worse and more frequent. Could the two be connected? Or just a coincidence the hot flashes have gotten worse. Going to go to the dr but can't get an appointment until October.

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    The hot flushes can go on for years post menopause, so I think it's just coincidental i'm afraid.


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      Even though you've had the works taken out, your body is still producing hormones and these are generated by small glands in and around your vagina. You still have your pituitary gland which signals the secretion of these hormones. And, yes hot flashes can go on for years and years. I don't want to discourage you but my Mother was still having these periodically well into her 70s. What you may want to do is always make sure you have a good lube. There is nothing worse than going through a dry spell and hurting yourself.


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        I really sympathize with you, but I want to reassure that this will last for several years, until your body is rebuilt. How can you help yourself? Firstly, watch your blood pressure with this thing on a regular basis. Secondly, start a healthy lifestyle. I mean not only food, but also a healthy sleep. Thirdly, yoga practice definitely helps to bring peace and harmony in such a difficult period for a woman. I wish you good luck and I hope my advice will help you.
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