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Suffering from Menopause

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  • Suffering from Menopause

    What can be the reasons of getting menopausal problems to female and how can they control this?

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    Menopause is a naturally occurring biological event that happens to women when they are coming to the age in which they no longer can have children and their periods cease. There are hormones that a doctor can prescribe to lessen the side effects but at one point or another most (if not all) women will undergo menopause.


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      Claret is absolutely right. I would guess that any woman thinking she is entering the menopause should see her doctor and be helped to get through the change. I am not a doctor, but I do know symptoms of the menopause [not out of personal experience]. There are hot flushes, mood changes. This is because of the change in hormones in the female body. The doctor can prescribe medication to help a woman go through this stage with more ease. Evening Promise Oil can also be beneficial [although don't quote me on that]. I would Google the menopause.

      If a loved one in your life is going through this, Curtis Cross, then do be understanding and give help when needed [which you obviously don't need to be asked to do]. Anyhow, I would advise your loved one see the doctor. This is obvious advice, but some women do assume there is little or no help available and it is "their lot". It isn't.

      I do hope I've helped.